2017 The sky’s the limit! My new projects and workouts begin!

The Sky's the limit

2017 The Sky’s the Limit-My new projects, and workouts begin.

The Sky's the limit
Let’s really live life to the fullest in 2017!

Hello everyone! I hope you find your 2017 off to a positive and productive start. Our year has started with filled schedules and plenty of ideas and projects ahead.

My New projects-Using up the “fabric stash” to create samples of items for the online shop.

We have already completed a top for the new line of items being offered in our shop using some of the “fabric stash” in the fabric wardrobe. If you recall in an earlier post, it was stated that one of the goals of 2017 was to use up said fabric stash, in order to make samples of future items which will be sold in the Amy Stebbins Couture shop. A few other patterns have been drafted, but the garments still need to be put together. Pictures of the completed top will be posted in the near future for you to see. Please make sure to sign up to follow our blog by email so you don’t miss a thing!

My new workout schedule

My husband and I have started a new weight training routine. It is a 6 day training schedule, that is based on old school, tried and true body building exercises. The purpose of the next twelve weeks are to put on some muscle mass. After these twelve weeks are up, we will tweak our program based on the status of our physiques.

For cardio we enjoy riding our bikes, running at the sports center, and also doing HIIT and plyometrics routines. On New Years day, we managed to get outside before the sunset for a family bike ride on our favorite local trail.

family bike ride
Family bike ride at sunset on New Years day
Swampy marshland on one stretch of our trail ride

Riding bikes is always such a positive and happy time for our family. Not only do we get great exercise, and work up a sweat, we are also surrounded with a sense of freedom and peace. Problems and cares just melt away, when it is just the open trail in front of your bike handles!

biking on the trail
Get out and explore on a bike!

I will be posting my workouts in this blog, as well as some of the meals that we have. Being fit and healthy is a way of life, it is not a “quick fix” or “diet”. It is a lifestyle, and a happy one for us at that. I also was thinking of posting up a workout challenge, and various workout routines, that you can follow along with. Be on the lookout for healthy recipes as well.

We have a lot planned for the coming year. We look forward to having you along for the ride! Make sure to sign up for social media notifications from us, as well as following this blog for updates.

Have a beautiful New Year


Amy Stebbins








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