A Change Of Perception…

Progress is impossible without change
Progress is impossible without change
A change of perspective, leads to a change in your life

A change of perception…

Recently there has been a change of perspective in my life. I am in the process of revamping my old health and fitness routines, as well as adopting a new point of view with my design aesthetic. I find this change both refreshing as well as exciting! It is long overdue. So far, 2017 is off to a very positive start. It’s  A very good year for a change in perception.

A new way of eating…

It is no secret to those who know me, that I have always been into eating very healthy. I don’t like to eat a lot of junk food, and I eat to maintain a healthy physique. I was counting macros for a long time, and eating in a “bodybuilding” manner. Anyone who has done this for long periods of time, knows how tiresome this can become. The thought of having to log everything into my phone, would just annoy me. I knew how to eat, so why was I still doing this? It was out of habit! This is a very good thing for people who are new to the fitness lifestyle. It’s perfect for those don’t know how to correctly portion their food, and need to really see how much they are eating, in order to make progress. However, this is not me. I can tell you what a serving of carbs or protein looks like just by sight. I knew I needed to shake things up, and find a new way of eating. I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted from what I had been doing, so thus began my research deeper into the nutrition and fitness routines, of what I am looking to achieve. What I decided to do was shift my eating habits to a very “intuitive” style. This requires you to really listen to your body. If you feel you don’t need to eat something, you don’t! If you feel like you need a specific thing in your diet, you add it. Sounds simple right? That is because it is. I ask myself if what I am about to eat is actually beneficial to my health, and if it isn’t, I pretty much forget it. If I get bad cravings for something, I will have a little bit of what ever it is. That usually solves the craving problem, and stops it in its tracks. I eat a very paleo based diet. I base my meals on fresh organic produce, fish, chicken, turkey, and sometimes red meat. My daughter can’t have gluten, so this has been influencing my family’s diet quite a bit. We actually enjoy eating this way. It really helps with energy levels, and your skin and hair look great as a result.

Agile, and flexible…

Because I have been training with weights, and performing various forms of cardio for such a long period of time, I know how my body reacts to these things. I gain muscle mass fairly easily, but I absolutely must add cardio into the mix to really see definition. If my body doesn’t sweat everyday, I retain water like crazy! I have come to find over time, that I don’t need to do long arduous weight workouts to see results, but I do need to get that cardio sweat fix in order for my body to work at optimum levels. I need a healthy mixture of BOTH things. Lately the weights have been dominating my workouts, and I am not liking the direction my body is going. The other day I did yoga for the first time, in a very long time, with my kids. I was horrified at how stiff, and rigid my body has become! This greatly disturbed me. I am not getting any younger, and I have always known that I want to be agile, and flexible into my golden years. Just lifting weights wasn’t getting me there! It was time to add yoga back into my life. As we age, the flexibility of our spine determines the quality of our life. The more flexible you are, the better you are able to care for yourself. I don’t want to be one of those senior citizens in a hover round, putting down the grocery isles! NO WAY! I want to be like a “ballerina ninja yogi” you know…a lithe strong body, that is flexible and graceful! Because of this shift in my mindset, I have rethought my workout plan, and I now focus more on plyometrics, yoga, and a few days of weight training added in. I also love to go on long walks with my family and our pup, as well as mountain biking through the woods. I just finished a plyo workout with my kids today, and my legs feel like they really got worked, and that is a good thing!

Design aesthetic…

Because my shift in perception has changed, of course my design aesthetic has as well. I find myself drawn to a more relaxed, and free style. I really am in love with flowing loose skirts (boho chic), and layering items. I like a healthy mix of fashionable and comfortable. I really enjoy the athlesiure look as well. This is all reflected in the designs I have been putting together. Soon I will be posting a few things, so be on the look out for those.

Where will 2017 take you?

So this is where I am headed in 2017. I will be updating my progress as I journey through this year. I am focusing on positivity and getting things done! One of my goals is to be able to do the splits by the end of the year once again! Wish me luck!

So where is 2017 leading you? Have you changed your perception towards anything so far? What would you like to accomplish? Tell us about it! leave a comment below, and we can cheer each other on into achieving our goals for 2017! I am rooting for you and sending you positive vibes!

Have a beautiful week everyone!


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