Healthy Nutrition-what I have been eating lately…


Healthy Nutrition-What I have been eating lately…

How I like to eat my eggs Benedict

Making sure I am eating the right things, in order to keep up with my hectic schedule is vital; not only for my energy levels, but also my immune system. Over the holidays I ate relatively healthy, however, I did have a few cocktails, and some goodies. I am happy to say I have reached a point in my life, where I really don’t want to drink alcohol, and sugary junk food just doesn’t give me any thrills. Healthy nutrition is what matters most. Not just for me, but for the vitality of my family.

My daughter has recently discovered that gluten and GMO products cause her serious intestinal problems. Because I have been cutting out many “starchy carbs” as of late, Thinking of cutting them out entirely, along with her,  doesn’t really bother me. If she wants snacks, gluten free items are certainly not hard to find these days. I think for a while, in order for her to heal her gut, she should cut out processed foods entirely! After a while, she can slowly add other things in, just to see how her tummy reacts to them.

Low Carb, Paleo, and Clean eating

I would say my eating style lately has been a combo of low carb, paleo, and regular old clean eating. I really am not a fan of labels, but most people are familiar with these terms, and so I used them here to give you a visual. I hardly eat any dairy (rare!) and I pretty much stay away from most breads, and “white death” as Arnold Schwarzenegger calls it…In other words, no refined flours or sugars. I find when I eat like this, I don’t bloat, I drop a lot of fat, and my energy skyrockets. Will I have an occasional treat for a celebration or holiday? Sure! I’m not inflexible. I just don’t feel the need to reach for those things unless I really want some.

Some meals I have enjoyed lately…

So what are some of the meals I have eaten lately? Let me show you! I took a few snap shots with my phone to share…nothing fancy…

How I like to eat my eggs Benedict- a special treat John made for New Years day! Lots of spinach, and grape tomatoes to go with.
buffalo/grass fed beef patty, with “yummy eggs”, strawberries, and garlic parmesan potatoes, with a side of reduced sugar ketchup
Scrambled eggs, with organic bacon, and raw greens and tomatoes
Lunch salad with mixed greens, veggies, sardines, and bolthouse low calorie dressing
Lunch salad with mixed greens, veggies, sardines, and bolthouse low calorie dressing. YES! I said sardines! I like them, and they are LOADED with health benefits! Look it up!
Kodiak dark chocolate waffles with strawberries, and peanut butter maple syrup
Kodiak dark chocolate waffles with strawberries, and peanut butter maple syrup- I take a little REAL maple syrup, and I melt it in the microwave with organic peanut butter, to make a really decadent topping!
Egg and Avocado toast
Egg and Avocado toast. I use whole grain seed bread here. Yes, the last two photos have more carbs in them, but I needed them, as it was heavy leg day!

Adding running back into the mix…

It has been a while since I have completed any running. For months I was running two times a week, sometimes more at the sports center where I live. I love going there because you get a healthy mix of street, paved trail, as well as woodland dirt trail in which to run on. It doesn’t get boring. I need to take some photos, and possibly video when I go there next, so all of you can see for yourselves.

Today Ciarra and I went for a run around our home. We didn’t do so bad considering it had been a really long time, it was C-O-L-D, and we both had sore muscles.

How far, and fast we ran today
How far and fast we ran today. The app I used, I have had a long time. It is called “Cardio Hero”
How far and fast we ran today
Where we ran

We plan on adding more running days into our regular workout schedule. We both love to get outside and take in nature! It makes us work even harder! It’s just inspiring.

What sort of ways do you like to keep fit? What are your favorite healthy meals? Please comment below! Also let us know what you would like us to post next!

Have a great day!





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