Meet Amy-40 random questions answered

Amy Stebbins
Amy, Soren, and Ciarra

40 Random Questions Answered

1-What is your favorite decade for fashion

I would have to say I appreciate something from all decades, but my favorites are the late 60’s and the 1970’s. It bugs me so bad when people think the 70’s are all tacky polyester leisure suits and bell bottoms. It wasn’t. Watch the movie American Hustle, to see what I am talking about! So chic!!  I love the 1920’s and 30’s as well.

2-Who are your favorite artists

Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha,Van Gogh, Antonio Lopez, and so many others I can’t even think right now! I went to art school, so I really appreciate all art, and artists. They make the world a more beautiful place.

3-What accomplishment are you most proud of

Giving birth to my beautiful children, graduating cum laude from fashion school, and homeschooling my daughter right into William and Mary.

4-What did you want to be when you grew up?

A fashion designer of course!

5-What is your favorite thing to do in spring, summer, winter, and fall?

In Spring I really like to go on vacation if at all possible. After the long cold winter of being indoors, I like to escape to places like South Beach, and the Florida Keys.

6-What is your favorite thing to do for fun?

Spend time with my family. I love to go on hikes, and bike rides, and explore new places.

7-If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?

I would tell them what I have told my children all their lives…”Set the example for others. Live your life like a lady or gentleman in the public eye. Everything you say or do will have consequences, so THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK OR ACT! That way, no one can ever say a bad word about you, and anyone who does, will look like a major fool.”

8-What is one of your fondest memories

I have many, and they all involve my family. Holding my daughter in my arms, and having her smile up at me as a baby, My daughter and I singing to my son to calm him while we changed his diaper, and all the vacations I have taken with my family. Every day is a blessing with them in my life.

9-Do you like to plan things out in detail, or be more spontaneous?

I love to plan things out, mainly because I have to! When it comes to dates with my husband, or when I am on vacation, I prefer to be spontaneous.


10-If you could have dinner with 5 people from the past or present , who would it be?

I would have to say Marie Antoinette (because she was such a fashionista!) Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (because I am a huge Supernatural fan!) Alan Rickman because he was just amazing, and an artist to boot!, Leonard Nimoy (because I am a trekkie and I LOVE Spock!) and of course Jesus Christ…because I would love to see how he really was!

11-Who has influenced you the most in life, and how did they do it?

This is hard. No single person has really done this. It has been a collab of several people throughout my life. Many of my teachers from the past have taught me to persevere, and do my best. My husband and my kids have helped me to see the world from a different point of view. They have shown me the deepest and strongest love I have ever known.

12-What are the top three things on your bucket list?

Visit Europe, Sit under the northern lights and just chill, and bike as many trails in the USA I can!

13-Are you an introvert or extrovert

Introvert mostly, but I can be extroverted if the situation calls for it.

14-What is your personal style? (Clothing)

I am eclectic for sure. Lately I have been very into boho chic styes, but I also like classic styles (like jeans with nice booties, a sweater, and chunky scarf, with a nice coat or jacket.)

15-What are some of the first things you do in the morning?

Depending on my workout program at the time, I do cardio! then I drink a large cup of coffee or jasmine green tea. From there I am giving kids rides to class or working with my son on his schooling.

16-If someone were to make a movie about your life, what actress would you choose to play you?

Kate Hudson! Many people have told me that my personality reminds them of her.

17-How would you explain your basic life philosophy?

See question 7. In addition to that I would say that life is short, so we need to live it to the fullest! Don’t sit around wishing for things to fall in your lap, because they won’t. Get out there and LIVE!

18-Where would your dream vacation be?

This is hard!!! I would say some beautiful body of water, with a boat parked in front of the house we would be staying in. Really, there are so many places like this that I would like to visit. Lake Como in Italy is one. A house on the water in one of the Florida Keys would be another.

19-If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

I would say Hermione Granger, only I am so NOT about Ron Weasley (ugh, not my style) so if she would have picked someone else, possibly her. My other choice would be Danielle de Barbarac, from the movie Ever After. I love her! She is one tuff cookie!

20-What is the best gift you ever received?

My husband and kids!

21-What was your favorite Halloween costume that you have worn?

My black silk gown I made to wear when our family went as Harry Potter Characters.

22-Are you a dog or cat person?

DOG all the way. I had cats, and I loved them dearly, but I can’t get over the fact that cats like to go to the bathroom in your home in a box, and they aren’t always courteous about it! LOL

23-What is your current obsession ?

Sarah’s Day YouTube channel! I adore her! She makes me want to travel to Australia so bad!

24-When life hands me lemons I….

Slice those suckers in half, squeeze the hell out of them into a glass, add water, then drink it down to better my health! take that lemons!!

25-I will always be loyal to….

My family, and those who are loyal to me.

26-If you could go back in time to visit, which era would you go to?

If it was only to visit and not to live I would say the 18th century. I also would like to go back in time (even though I was alive already!) to dance at Studio 54!! I think that would have been a lot of fun!

27-If you had a warning label what would it say?

“Caution! if handled incorrectly injury may occur.”

28-What is your zodiac sign (western and eastern)

Pisces water rat

29-What are your favorite foods?

Sushi, and fresh veggies and fruits! no joke.

30-What are your favorite movies and tv shows?

TV-SUPERNATURAL!!, Star Trek (original series), Outlander, Sherlock, I love Lucy, Three’s Company, Vikings, Malcolm in the Middle.

MOVIES-I have so many movies I love, that there is no way I could list them all. a few would be Marie Antoinette, Marnie, Rear Window, The Birds, Halloween, Ever After, The Princess Bride, Conan the Destroyer, the new Star Trek movies, Almost Famous, Wolf of Wall street, Lair of the White Worm, 16 Candles, Weird Science, Breakfast Club, Raiders of the lost ark…and many more.

31-Sunrise or sunset


32-What is your favorite smell/scent?

Jasmine and hyacinth flowers, roses, Autumn harvest Yankee candles, my babies, and fresh baked cookies or bread. Perfume that I love would be Daisy eau so fresh.

33-What is your favorite beverage

WATER! Im not kidding…without it we would all be dead. Think about that before you go to do something to pollute it. Thank you.

34-What potential talents do you think you might have if you worked at them?

I know I could be a really good doctor if I wanted to be. I have a good intuition, and I actually care and can LISTEN! So many doctors DON’T these days.


35-What is your one favorite physical feature in the opposite sex?

I like my husband’s face in general. If a man doesn’t have a nice face, then forget it. The whole package is important really.

36-What are your pet peeves

stupid people, ignorance, and hate. Also people who act like spoiled brats, and narcissistic people.

37-what are your fears/phobias?

Cockroaches and robots!! They freak me the hell out.

38-what do you wish would come back into fashion?

gloves and hats!! Why don’t more people wear these items?? they are awesome. Also, men looking like gentlemen! I always think of Dean Winchester when he goes back in time to meet up with Elliot Ness. OMG!!! he looked so amazing in that suit!!

Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester a la 1940s
Dean Winchester
Dean looking amazing

39-what did you love the most about the place you grew up? What about it did you like the least?

I loved being so close to the pacific ocean. I could walk there. What I liked the least was the mentality. I am just not a fit for their lifestyle.

40-if you could describe yourself as a flavor what would it be?

Crème brûlée

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