My Zodiac Project

Hello everyone!

If you happened to have read my 40 random questions answered blog, then you probably already know that I am attending college as a studio art major. I have been drawing my whole life so I’ve always kept myself busy with new little challenges/projects. In 2016 I started one project that was definitely more challenging than any of my previous ones. I created a series of 12 illustrations of the zodiac signs! Which I will call my Zodiac project!


The inspiration for this project came about when I finished a different piece that had a similar “art nouveau” inspired style.

My Process

For each piece I kept the symbol, flowers associated with the sign, ruling body parts, as well as the element of that sign in mind. I also wanted all of the characters to have a “Grecian goddess” look about them. While these are only my inked line drawings for each piece, I do plan to color them digitally and traditionally with watercolor.

Here they are…

Aries–March 21 to April 20
Taurus–April 21 to May 21
Gemini–May 22 to June 21
Cancer–June 22 to July 23
Leo–July 24 to August 23
Virgo–August 24 to September 23
Libra–September 24 to October 23
Scorpio–October 24 to November 22
Sagittarius–November 23 to December 21
Capricorn–December 22 to January 20
Aquarius–January 21 to February 19
Pisces–February 21 to March 20

Final thoughts….

In general, I am pretty happy with how these pieces came out. I figured out some new ways to ink through this project, and I definitely appreciate my larger sized Micron’s more than I did before! I did really enjoy trying to make each character in the illustration feel like they were that sign and the challenge of drawing flowers!

My biggest criticism for myself—granted I did sketch all of these out before I started my Life Drawing course—is the proportions. I obviously wasn’t going for realism with these illustrations, but I still feel that the proportions can be improved upon when I go back to edit them further.


So there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed seeing this little project of mine!

What was your favorite zodiac sign? ^-^


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