Homemade whipped body butter recipe

whipped body butter recipe
whipped body butter recipe
Whipped Body butter recipe

Whipped Body butter recipe

It is really no secret anymore that most of the beauty, skincare, and household cleaning products out there being sold to all of us, contain harsh chemicals that cause allergies, disrupt our endocrine system, and even cause cancers and Alzheimer’s. This is why I decided to start putting together my own skincare, and household cleaning solutions. I feel so much better knowing that what my family is using on their skin, hair, and in their surroundings is actually beneficial, and not going to cause them health issues. Today I will share with you one of the recipes I am currently using for my body and face. My homemade whipped body butter recipe.

whipped body butter recipe from www.amystebbins.com
What I use in my whipped body butter recipe. So simple to make, and good for your skin!

Ingredients for whipped body butter

The ingredients are very simple for this recipe, and can be found at your local health food, or grocery store. Amazon is also a good source for the base ingredients. I only use the highest quality essential oils for health and beauty. My oils come from DoTerra. Whatever oil company you choose, just make sure they are therapeutic grade, and not cheap oils filled with extra “fillers” or chemicals. the point here is to make something good for you, and to get rid of byproducts and synthetic fillers. The ingredients I used for my whipped body butter are:

1 cup of organic virgin coconut oil

3/4 to 1 cup organic shea butter

1/4 cup non-GMO avocado oil

10-15 drops Lavender oil (adjust to your liking)

8-10 drops Frankincense oil

8-10 drops Melaleuca oil


Place coconut oil, shea, and avocado oil in stand mixer with wire whisk attachment. Blend on medium to high speed to achieve a whipped smooth consistency. Once your mixture is nice and creamy looking, add your essential oils while mixer is running. continue to whip until oils are thoroughly blended in. Transfer your body butter to glass jars, and enjoy!

whipped body butter recipe from www.amystebbins.com
This whipped body butter recipe is so silky and good for your skin!

Some information you might find interesting…

The dangers that lurk within your beauty and household products
This is the reason I make all my own skincare and household cleaning supplies.

To learn more about this subject. Please click HERE. It is no wonder there are so many people out there with allergies and health problems! It is a serious problem! How can you make a difference? Don’t support companies who want to poison you, or our environment.

I hope all of you out there give my whipped body butter recipe a try. It is great for dry skin in winter! I will be posting more recipes like this one in future blog posts. What would you be interested in me sharing with you? Which products that you are currently using, would you like to replace with more healthy options? Let me know! I would love to share recipe options that not only are better for your body, but also better for your wallet!




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