My Mermaid Obsession! Part 2

Part 2

Books & Graphic Novels! (But of course!)

I of course have to talk about books that involve mermaids for this series of posts! It’s often easier to find mermaid related stories in book form than in film, but that is understandable. I won’t be giving any major details about these books–I simply want to share what I’ve found and read within the mermaid genera!

Let’s begin with…

The Tail of Emily Windsnap

By Liz Kessler

The Tail of Emily Windsnap.

This is a really cute middle-grade series for young girls with a love for mermaids and adventure! The books are pretty short, but they make for a great quick read in between those longer books.

Watersong Series

By Amanda Hocking

Wake.

 This was a total impulse buy for me when I first saw it! The Watersong series is an interesting combination of the two main Siren legends, and the first two books are fairly good. The third book (in my opinion) is where the story disappointed me, and while the last book is better, it still felt a bit dragged out.

The Lost Voices Trilogy

 By Sarah Porter

Lost Vocies.

  This is probably one of my favorite mermaid books I’ve read so far. The sort of “science” around the mermaids is both sad and well done. The first book is such a great read, and while the second book is definitely the one I enjoyed the least, the third and final book really wrapped up the story nicely.

The Waterfire Saga 

By Jennifer Donnelly

Deep Blue.

I have already mentioned one of the books in this series in one of my previous posts, and for good reason. This is again, another really well done mermaid series that is set in a sort of alternate modern world, but with those nice fantasy flavors!

The Syrena Legacy 

By Anna Banks

Of Poseidon.

This is an interesting trilogy and I do remember enjoying (I actually want to reread the books this year), but my biggest criticism for it is that it really could have ended with just the first two books. The third book just felt out of place and introduced too many new elements. The love triangle that suddenly appears is also extremely unnecessary.

Goddess of the Sea

By P.C. Cast

Goddess of the Sea.

 The final novel I present to you is… the first book in the Goddess Summoning series! Now (to my knowledge) all of the books in this series can be read as standalone novels, although they all have a common core theme. Unlike most of the other books I have on this list, this one is not a YA or middle grade book. I really enjoyed reading this one, and this is another book I hope to reread soon. I love the mix of Greek mythology, modern era, and the 8th-11th century.

Now with the novel all accounted for…it’s time to mention one of my favorite graphic novels I’ve found in this theme!

Coral -Tenohira No Umi

By Tono

Coral or Tenohira no Umi.

There are few good mermaid manga/graphic novels out there that I’ve managed to find over the years (some honorable mentions: Evyione, Mermaid Melody, Seto no Hanayome to name a few). Coral is the one that stands out the most to me. It’s told in such a wonderful and creative way, where you really have two different story lines and neither one can exist without the other. The art style is something I enjoy so much about the story, because it really adds to both the whimsical and sometimes dark tones of the story.

 I really want to get my hands on the physical copies of this series, but I don’t believe it was been published in America yet, which is such a shame! I highly recommend reading this series if you can find a way to read it online!


So that is the end of my Mermaid books! I’m always keeping my eyes open for new mermaid stories to dive into! 

Do you have any recommendations for me? Or have you read any of these books?

Let me know in the comments bellow! 😉

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