Starting March 24th, 2017 For two weeks only! Pre-orders are being accepted for the Cherry Dress.

Pre-order requests are now being accepted FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY!

Starting March 24th, 2017, for TWO WEEKS ONLY,  I will be accepting pre-order requests for the summer release of the “cherry dress”.

For the summer season, this dress will be offered in some new fabrics. I will only making a limited number of these dresses for this season, so make sure you post your request below. I am only making the number of dresses requested for this release. If you don’t make a request in time, you will have to wait until the next release.

Cost and fabric choices

The base price for this dress (fabrics already in stock) is 170.00 USD. 

If you do not want the fabrics that we have currently in stock, and you would prefer this dress in another color or print, then there is an added fee for new fabric sourcing. This amount varies depending on request (type of fabric and how easy it is to find) Prices start at 20.00 USD in addition to the base price. The client will be sent image samples of  the sourced fabrics to choose from, for their unique custom dress. 

Currently there are two regular stock fabric choices, and of these fabrics, there are a limited number of dresses that can be made from these once the shop is live and online for orders. I will not order more fabrics until all requests are in. 

I only purchase a small number of the fabrics I intend to use (for monetary and storage reasons). If enough requests come in for a certain color or print, then obviously I will add that particular fabric to the regular in stock lineup of fabric choices. So make your voice heard!



Navy cherry print cotton dress at
petite cherry print on dark navy background. 100% cotton.


White eyelet dress at
White eyelet cotton blend fabric. So prefect for summer! This is a whole new fabric entirely, and I just love it! 

Instead of a black background cherry print, I went with navy instead for summer. The dress that everyone loves that Reese wears in the movie Sweet Home Alabama (which this one was inspired by) is actually a navy background and not black!

I have always wanted to make this dress in a white eyelet. I think it is so lovely for summer, and would be perfect to wear to a summer party or wedding.

Will I be adding more fabrics to this lineup? Yes! as long as there is a demand for them. This is why submitting a request is so important. It tells me what to purchase for my clients!

How to submit a pre-order request

So how does one submit a request? It is simple! just comment below with the following information, and ONLY if you are serious about purchasing. I am only taking requests on the blog post, and not other social media! It is easier to have them all in once place. Thank you for understanding.

Here is the information:

Your Size– Right now I am only making size 4 (bust 32), 6 (bust 34), 8 (bust 35), and 10 (bust 36). Any size that does not fall into this range, requires a new pattern to be made. Added fees apply.

Color Choice-What color do you wish your dress to be made in? If you don’t like the colors we have for our regular stock, then what color would you like? Would  you want a print or a solid color? Please be specific!

Why pre-order request on this post?

As stated above, Your pre-order request lets me know what my potential, and existing clients are looking for. If you want a specific color or print, expressing this makes your thoughts become a reality. I am having everyone request here in this blog post because it is easy for me to keep track this way. Life is already complicated enough… time to simplify things!

Please submit your request for your dress below! And please don’t forget to follow this blog as well as our social media, and please tag us in any photos you have wearing our clothing! 

Thank you so much for your support and feedback!



TWO WEEKS ONLY! starting March 24th! Pre-Order requests being accepted at










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  1. YES! I want this to wear to an FGL concert…it is the last weekend in April. I am willing to pay for a rush order if possible. Size 4 in the cherry print!

  2. Size: 8
    Color: Dary Navy Background in Petite Cherry Print Cotton fabric
    Length: 41 inches from shoulder seam to hem (I am very tall and need a longer dress. I am happy to pay for the adjustment.)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work! I am so excited to wear this dress!

  3. Size: 8
    Color: Dark navy background in petite cherry print cotton fabric
    Length: 41 inches from shoulder seam to hem (I am very tall and need the extra length. I am happy to pay for the adjustment to your pattern.)

    Thanks, Amy! I am so looking forward to wearing this dress!

    1. The online pop up shop will be live once all pre-order requests are in. The last day for requests is the 7th. The shop should be live sometime the week of the 10th.

  4. I know I am super late on this post, but I am currently sitting here watching Sweet Home Alabama and I see the dress, which leads me here. Is there any way I can still order one? I am a size 6. I would be honored to have a dress in the cherry sprinker print.

  5. Is there any way I can still order a dress? This is a serious inquiry. I am a size 6 and I would love a dress in the cherry sprinkler print. I know I am late, but I really love this dress and the style of it. Truly one of a kind.

    1. Dresses are being made right now. The pop up shop will be up soon. A limited number of dresses will be available. Notifications of the shop going live will be on our social media accounts and this blog. Thank you for your interest.

  6. I would like to buy the white eyelet size 4 for my wife. Can I still get this? Let me know how to pay on my email please.

    1. Dresses are being made right now. The pop up shop will be up soon. A limited number of dresses will be available. Notifications of the shop going live will be on our social media accounts and this blog. Thank you for your interest.

  7. Do you by chance have any of these left in size 8 by chance or plan to do another run of these? Would Absolutely LOVE one of these in the cherry print!!! I have been searching for this dress for years to never have any luck finding one even similar!

    1. All of the navy cherry print has been spoken for. All I have left is a small rose print on black, a large cherry print on black, and a petite floral print on red, that can be made into a size 8. I am about to post the photos of the three fabrics I have left. Let me know if you are interested in any of these.

  8. I would love this cheery dress from sweet home Alabama I where a size large if funds small then a xlarge hope I’m not to late me daughter just had a baby march 27 first grand baby I’m way to young lol if to late understand hoping someone didn’t pick up

    1. Yes, I will be making some again. I will be posting a blog post about what will be available soon. Thank you for your interest.

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