3 Of my favorite things post #3

3 of my favorite things post #3

3 of my favorite things post #3

3 of my favorite things- post #3- Fitness edition

It is once again time for 3 of my favorite things! This time the post is fitness oriented, so lace up your trainers, slip on your leggings, and away we go!

#1-Trail Running/Walking

Trail running/walking is one of my favorite things of all time. I could not imagine my life without being able to get outside and experience nature. Nothing beats the blues, or melts stress away like taking time for yourself, and breathing in a good healthy dose of the outdoors. The next time you find yourself overly stressed, sad, or angry, head to your nearest hiking/running/walking path. It doesn’t matter where it is, just so long as it makes you feel good! People are more productive, successful, and happy when they actually take regular breaks to be outside. Too much technology, sitting at a desk all day, or being indoors for too long is not healthy. Remember that you are human, and not a machine. It is important for one’s well being to stop now and then and appreciate what Mother Nature has so graciously provided for us all.


#2-My Converse Chuck Taylor low tops

I absolutely LOVE my Converse Chuck Taylor low tops. I wear them out and about to run errands etc., but I also wear them when I train with weights, especially on leg day. I bet you are wondering why I wear them to train, instead of regular cross trainers, and the answer is this…they are flat! It really bothers my knees when I wear a regular training shoe, and I wouldn’t dream of wearing running shoes to lift! The wedge angle of most regular training shoes seem to put a lot of pressure on my knees. As I age, this becomes more of a problem. My Chucks give me more “activation” in my legs and glutes. If you don’t have a pair of Chuck’s, you can just take off your shoes completely! This is what I used to do, but now I just prefer to wear my converse.

I love my Converse! One of my favorite things! www.amystebbins.com
I love my classic white, and mint green Converse!

If you don’t want to pay for a pair of Converse, you can also purchase a similar style from Target. I actually have two pair of these, and they work well. I would not recommend these types of shoes if you are jumping around a lot, or doing any quick lateral movements. Stick to your regular trainers for high impact workout routines.

3 of my favorite things on www.amystebbins.com
These work well too! I bought these from Target.

#3-Performix Multi-Phase 9:2:2 BCAA Powder

3 of my favorite things post at www.amystebbins.com
So yummy and they work great for me!

I absolutely LOVE my iso 9:2:2 Aminos by Performix. This exact formula is the one I currently have in my pantry (they have recently updated their packaging and formula) I use the Blue Razz Ice flavor. It tastes like candy! I like to make mine up is in the magic bullet, with a ton of ice, and just enough water to blend it. It comes out just like a slushy! I have used several brands of Aminos, but these just seem to be the ones that work best for me. When I use them after my workouts, I don’t get as sore the next day, and I’m able to function! I am curious to see what the new formula does for me once I run out of this one. Hopefully it works just as well, if not better!

So there you have it. Post #3 of “My Favorite Things”. What are some of your favorite fitness items? Which is your favorite way to train? Leave a comment below!




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