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The Heart of Betrayal Spoiler free thoughts. Find more a

Hello again everyone!

It is time for another book related post about my finished & current reads! I haven’t really had time to get a lot of personal reading done, college courses and all that. Luckily though, I has able to give myself a set schedule to get some much needed personal reading done, and I actually managed to finish a book!

That being said, what book did I finish and what did I think of it?

The Heart of Betrayal, book 2 of The Remnant Chronicles

by Mary E. Pearson

The Heart of Betrayal Spoiler free thoughts. Find more a

As always, this will be spoiler-free and my honest opinion of this book!

So overall, I gave this book 5 stars on my GoodReads because it is a very good continuation of the first book, Kiss of Deception, which I have mentioned in previous posts. The story starts right where we left off at the end of the first book, and boy is this one just a roller coaster of intrigue (and lots of danger!). We learn more about already established characters as well as a plethora of new ones who are definitely interesting–some of them being especially awful human beings to say the least.

What made this such a nice read during my busy college schedule is the fact that the chapters are fairly short, so you can read a lot in a little amount of time. The other thing I love about this book is that nothing feels unnecessary and everything is presented exactly when it needs to be. Even information that at that moment doesn’t seem to mean anything will come back later and be just as important as anything else.

I’m still not sure what the larger “end destiny” of the story is, which I find very nice. Usually in YA (young adult) books there is so much predictability about the “end goal” of the story, so you can guess the ending pretty easily. However, while I have some guesses for this series, I don’t feel confident in any of them since this feels like a story that could quickly change its direction (in a good way).

There is so much deception (pun intended), betrayal, and uncertainty that you can never be quite sure how things will unfold in this story. I’m really looking forward to reading the next one, especially with all of the cliffhangers that the reader is left with at the end of this book.

Now that I have finished this book…what will I be reading next? (In fact, I have already started to read it!)

A Court of Wings and Ruin, book 3

By Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Wings and Ruin TBR. See more are

 Yes, the third book is now out and I am already so hooked! I’m only about a 100 pages into the novel, but it is still maintaining the excitement I have come to expect from this series. I would say that is my favorite series I have read in a couple years, and each book has topped the last in every aspect. I am expecting a lot from Wings and Ruin and so far it is pretty great…so hopefully it will be even better than the last book!

On another note, I have to talk about this cover. This is just a really neat Easter-egg in my opinion…so the dress we see the lovely and epic Feyre wearing on the cover actually came from a fan art piece!

Charlie Bowater art.

So this gorgeous fan art piece was created by the talented Charlie Bowater (Link to her Instagram), and from what I understand, Sarah J. Maas saw it and loved it so much that she asked Bowater if they could use her design for the cover! That is just so cool in my opinion and there was no way I couldn’t mention it!


All in all, I think over this summer break I will be able to get a lot of reading done. I’m really looking forward to finishing Wing and Ruin, and I already have my next read in mind (which is another book I was very excited for *hint: it was released the same day as Wing and Ruin). If you guys would like to know what I think of Wing and Ruin when I’m done with it, just let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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