Monday Update-Pop-up shop, “Secret Project”, and more…

Monday update at

Monday update at

Monday Update

Hello, and happy Monday to you all. I thought I would post a quick update to let everyone know how things are going on my end of things.  I was feeling very stressed out about how things were going…or rather…the lack of how they were progressing! and so I decided to change several things in order to get out of my funk, and finally move forward! I am very content with the decisions I have made, and am actually excited for what is to come.  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I have found the correct path to take, in order to reach my goals.

 Where is the Pop-up shop, and when is it going live?

The Pop-up shop is still going to go live, but an exact date is not scheduled yet. All I can say is that it will be soon. A lot has changed since my last post, and things are still being rearranged and worked on. Your patience is appreciated during this time. Thank you.

“Secret Project”

As I stated above, I was feeling very stagnant, and was in a serious funk for a while. I felt like I was not being true to my design aesthetic, or what my original goals were, and so I decided to shake things up. I have started a “secret project” or rather total overhaul of how things will be done, and where I am going from now on. I am so excited! Of course I will be posting more about this in future posts, so please follow me along my journey! subscribe to this blog, and follow along on my Instagram and other social media accounts.

Really feeling all the green!

I have been really inspired by nature lately. The change of season, and the lush vibrant plant life along my favorite trails, have me feeling so energized and peaceful. It has been exciting watching all the ferns and leaves unfurl, and the woods are now dense with a deep green coolness. I love how the canopies of the trees come together overhead to form a long tunnel of sorts, that stretches on for miles. I encourage all of you to get outdoors and enjoy your surroundings. Spring is definetly here, and progressing quickly into summer. Enjoy your week everyone! Stay tuned for more updates and news!


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