Artist of the Week! Part 2

Pisces by Stephanie Law

Hello everyone!

I’m back again with my artist of the week, part 2! This time I will be sharing one of my favorite watercolor artists, who has been a huge inspiration to me to purse working in the medium myself (although I’m not nearly as good with it yet, lol!).

Stephanie Law

Remnants of Scent by Stephanie Law
Remnants of Scent

  Her work is full of mythology, symbolism, and just breathtaking otherworlds. Her skill with watercolor adds to the dreamy quality of each piece, and there is a plethora of details hidden within each that pulls the viewer further into the world she has created.

She has also published a number of really great watercolor technique books which I personally own (I nearly have all of them now!), and she has created two of her own tarot card decks (I definitely want to add those to my collection!).

The Trickster by Stephanie Law
The Trickster


Adder Stone by Stephanie Law
Adder Stone


A Very Difficult Game Indeed by Stephanie Law
A Very Difficult Game Indeed


In Cathedrals of the Forest by Stephanie Law
In Cathedrals of the Forest


Surge by Stephanie Law

Surge has been one of my long time favorite pieces. It is also the cover art for the first of her technique books that I purchased, Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds In Watercolor. 

The Waterwitch by Stephanie Law
The Waterwitch

I definitely encourage you all to go check out her website here and her Instagram!

This is only a faction of her work and I could easily make this blog WAY too long if I were to add all of my favorites. So I will leave it here for now, and I hope you all enjoyed what you saw so far! 😉

Until next time!

Thanks for reading!

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