How I achieved my current physique: My fitness “secrets” revealed-Part 1

Learn all about the "fitness secrets" this 45 year old mother of two achieved a fit physique. Read now at
Learn all about the "fitness secrets" this 45 year old mother of two achieved a fit physique. Read now at
“I am a work in progress, reaching my goals a little at a time, not all at once”


If you follow my personal Instagram account, you probably have seen my current photos. I have had a few questions and DM’s about my fitness “secrets” and how I achieved my current physique (and how long it took). I thought I would address all of these questions over a series of blog posts, and reveal some of the techniques, AKA “secrets” I have been using.

Learn the "fitness secrets" this 45 year old mother of two used to achieve her current physique. Read all about it at
A snapshot from my personal instagram account @amystebbins


To post or not to post? That is the question…

First off, I would like to state that I was very nervous to post my progress photos, and for a long time I debated as to whether or not I would post them at all. I had no idea what sort off a reaction I would receive from them, but then I figured “why the hell not!? I have worked hard. I have no reason to feel strange about sharing what I have achieved.” Besides… I would love to help others to reach peak health and fitness levels, and to show them if I can do it, so can they!

“Age really is just a number!”

I completely agree with this statement. I am 45 years young and a mother of two. For those out there who think you can never achieve a high level of fitness, based on age, or the fact that you have had children, think again. I am here to happily tell you that it is simply not true. You have complete control over your own health, Fitness, and nutrition! Through these blog posts, I am going to introduce you to several methods that will help clear the confusion, and reveal the truth plain and simple.

My first fitness “secret” that worked wonders for me, without fail.

The above statement gives a hint at what I am about to say. I am going to be very honest with all of you. Most people just don’t want to hear the truth when I tell them this. It is not fancy, soul changing, or sexy by any means. Just raw and out there. No BS, no tricks, and here it is…

Consistency is the key to lasting results.

I have been working out now for over 20 years. During this time I have tried just about everything under the sun when it comes to workout plans, and nutrition styles (such as low carb and vegan). I even became a certified fitness trainer after my son was born. No matter what I tried, I would get bored and sometimes frustrated because I wasn’t getting the results I longed for. My problem is that I was becoming impatient with myself, and I would give up on my current program, and move on to the “next biggest and best thing.” My nutrition was not always on point, and I was not keeping track of what I ate in the correct manner. As it turns out, I was not eating enough in quantities or ratios of macronutrients. This was where I failed myself. This isn’t to say that there weren’t times when I looked good or fit, I just wasn’t satisfied with my fitness levels overall. I knew deep inside I could do better. I had all the tools right in front of me to achieve my goals, and it was time to start using them to my advantage.

I decided once and for all I would stick with a good strength and muscle building program, and crack down on my nutrition. I am only at week 8 of a long work in progress. I am currently in a cutting phase, but will switch to a bulk once I am totally satisfied with my body fat levels. I have only just begun!

You have to give it time. Results don’t come overnight.

This is a biggie! I think many people out there throw in the towel way too soon, and just give up on themselves. Don’t do this! You aren’t going to have rock hard abs, or a butt you can bounce a quarter off of in just two weeks! Anyone out there who tells you something like that, in such a short amount of time is a total liar. There are no magic pills, or special supplements that are going to get you in top form. The only thing that is going to get you there is a whole lot of sweat and hard work. Trust in the process and results will follow. When I finally decided to stop the obsessing about if I was doing the right thing, and just trusted what was planned for my workouts and nutrition, things changed drastically for me. Slowly but surely I started to see definition in parts of my body, where there was none before. The “baby pooch” on my lower abdominals began to shrink and my clothes became loose.

I haven’t missed a workout…

In the past 8 weeks I have completed every single workout in my program. I have a few rest days (usually the weekend) which are extremely important for my body to recover. I happily look forward to these days off, as I know my muscles grow and repair during this time. I like to workout 5 days a week (M-F), but if for some reason I have something I need to do during the week, and I know I won’t be able to workout at my usual time, I just work around it. I will either workout later in the day, or just take the day off, and use it as one of my rest days.

Make an appointment for your self to workout…

When you treat your workouts just like an important business meeting or doctor’s appointment, then they always become a priority (which they should!) You should never feel guilty for this time you take for yourself (I am talking to you new mothers!!). A healthy body means a healthy mind, and it makes for a more pleasant disposition all around (aka-you won’t be a sour puss!). So work your fitness into your regular schedule, and make it something you look forward to. A great idea is to include other family members in your workouts. I have always had my kids join in with me, and I workout all the time with my husband. Don’t always rely on others for motivation though. You need to learn to motivate yourself, in order to stay consistent.

Next blog post…

I am going to stop here for now. In my next post (Part 2) I will be discussing “the basics” of what I do. I have been thinking about setting up some workout challenges for everyone to try. If this is something that you find interesting, please comment below.

Until next time, Stay healthy and happy!



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