My Fitness “Secrets” Revealed- Part 2

My fitness "secrets" revealed part 2 at

My fitness "secrets" revealed part 2 at

My Fitness “Secrets” revealed- Part 2 -Sticking to the basics…

In my last blog post I introduced you to my first fitness “secret” consistency. Today I am going to talk about “secret” number 2; a simple technique to build lean muscle, and create the body of your dreams.

Sticking to the basics”

Nothing fancy, just simplicity at its finest…

I would imagine that most people out there might think that I used some fancy exercises, or worked out 5 hours a day, or starved myself, or ate some macronutrient excluding diet to get in shape. These attitudes and thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually workout approximately an hour a day, and I eat a LOT of food. As for exercises, I just stick to the tried and true typical bodybuilding exercises. No weird contraptions, pole dancing, or aerial pretzel classes what so ever. People need to realize these are nothing more than fitness trends meant to attract the masses, and get you to spend your money on things you just don’t need. These trends get started in the same way fashion does. Some gossip magazine said that some fake plastic celebrity is doing it, so then everyone buys into it thinking “if I take this class, or do this workout, I will look just like (insert plastic surgery celebrity name here).”

I am not bashing anyone for trying a new form of exercise, that is for sure. Anything that gets you off your butt right? What I am telling you here is what I did, and the truth about fitness fads. In the end, all you really need is some iron, some good flat shoes, and commitment to your program.

My workouts don’t cost a lot, and you can do them at any time (as there are no classes or times you must be there)

Fitness "Secrets" revealed Part 2- How a busy mom of two, achieved a fit physique. Read at

So what are these basic exercises? What does my program include?

As I stated before, I stick to the basic bodybuilding exercises, such a deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and military presses. I make sure to perform a proper warm up, and then I get to pushing some heavy weights (with PROPER FORM! LEARN THIS! OR PERISH TO THE INJURY GODS!). Ladies…performing squats with 10 pound dumbbells for 25 reps isn’t going to get you a tight ass. You are wasting your time. You need to get down and dirty, suck it up, and challenge yourself! DO NOT be intimidated by actual barbells and weight plates! These are your “weapons of awesome” to get you where you need to be. Be brave! You absolutely MUST put on lean muscle mass to get tighter and smaller! Did you read that? Go back and read it 10 times now. Make sure this sinks in. YOU WILL NEVER GET “HUGE” UNLESS YOU USE ANABOLIC STEROIDS! So whatever ignorant woman is running around spreading the rumor that if you actually lift, you will get “big and bulky” just needs to shut her damn mouth. As women we simply DO NOT have the hormones to get muscles like Arnold. Instead, putting on lean muscle will burn FAT and TRANSFORM YOUR BODY INTO A LEAN, TIGHT, YOUTHFUL THING OF BEAUTY. Yes that is right ladies! It doesn’t matter what age you are, or if you have had kids. The weights will change your body in ways you can’t imagine, and for the better. Think of your dumbbells and barbells as your own personal fountain of youth. Pair these with the proper nutrition, and you will have a more sleek, youthful appearance. Your health will improve, you will sleep better, and have more energy. Now, isn’t that worth an hour of your time every day?

The actual program, and next blog post…

All the information about the content of my program will be available at the end of these blog posts. I am in the process of writing it out. It will be available for download.

In the next post I will be talking about Fitness “secret” number 3. My daily diet (And by diet I mean NUTRITION! There are no fad diets here!).

Until next time, Stay healthy and happy!


Fitness success at any age!





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