Pop up boutique and cherry dress info at www.amystebbins.com
Pop up boutique and cherry dress info at www.amystebbins.com
updated information on the pop-uo boutique. Please read.

Pop-up Boutique Updates…

For all those out there who have been waiting for the pop-up boutique to go live, I thank you for your patience. Your wait is almost over! For those new to reading this blog, you should probably know that I design and sew everything myself, and it takes time to do so. Your support and kindness is appreciated. Thank you. look for the shop to go live in August (if not sooner)

Cherry Dress info…

I am still getting questions about ordering cherry dresses, even though the cut off date for pre-order is over. The answer is both no and yes. No, there are not any dresses available in the navy cherry print, but yes, I have three more dresses that will become available in 4,6, or 8 in the following fabrics shown below.


rose print dress at www.amystebbins.com


Large cherry print on black at www.amystebbins.com


Red dress at www.amystebbins.com

There will be only ONE available in each color of fabric, and so once a color is spoken for, it is gone for good. I am opening these three up for pre-order below, so if you are interested, you must comment below, and state your size, (4, 6 or 8 ONLY.) PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO SIZING!! These are not “custom” dresses. I base my measurements for my garments off MY OWN UNIQUE SIZING FOR MY LABEL! Please review the following sizes carefully.

SIZE 4- BUST 32, HIGH WAIST 24-1/2

SIZE 6- BUST 34, HIGH WAIST 26-1/2

SIZE 8- BUST 35, HIGH WAIST 29-1/2

In the photo above Ciarra is wearing a size 4. She is a 32A bust, with her high waist being 24-1/2. “High waist” is the lowest elasticized row of the bodice (your narrowest point of your torso, NOT AT THE BELLY BUTTON.)

PRE-ORDER FOR THESE THREE FABRICS CLOSES on JULY 29th! SO PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR CHOICE. I will ONLY be making the dresses requested during this time period.

THIS WILL BE THE LAST RUN OF THIS DRESS FOR A WHILE. I am moving on to fall/winter designs now. I am looking forward to producing these new designs. Be on the lookout for new items!





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  1. I have been looking for the Sweet Home Alabama dress FOREVER! And had found photos of your cherry dress many times on Pinterest, but never realized that you were making them to order. I just came across for update blog and sadly I do not fit into your available sizes 🙁. Are custom orders of the dress available?

  2. Hello. I see that your “pre order” period is closed, but was curious if you already made the dress in the rose print? I would need a size 6 or 8, are either available? Thanks!

    1. I will be posting up a new blog post soon all about what fabrics will be available for this dress soon. 🙂 All info will be there. Thanks for your feedback. Make sure to be following us on Instagram @Amy_Stebbins_Couture as I post new information there in our stories and posts often.

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