3 Outfit Ideas

3 Outfit Ideas by Ciarra Stebbins, find more at amystebbins.com

3 Outfit Ideas by Ciarra Stebbins, find more at amystebbins.com

Hello again everyone!

Today I have three new outfit sets I created using Polyvore! This is definitely a fun way to style outfits and find some pretty cool items all in one easy place. For this first set I created, the boots are where its at!

Burgundy Beauty, find more at amystebbins.com
Burgundy Beauty

These Gucci dragon boots were just too cool not to create an outfit around. At first I was imagining an all black outfit for these boots, but decided that I wanted some color instead! Burgundy was a nice color to try, but the pop of green from the peridot jewelry to match the green on the boots is one of my favorite bits of this set.

Find all the items in this set, here. 

Moving on to my second outfit….
Supernatural Girl, find more at amystebbins.com
Supernatural Girl

Yes, I reverted back to black and white outfits. Honestly, this has been an obsession of mine since I was younger. I am especially attracted to black and white stripes! So in a lot of ways, this an updated version of one of the outfits I wore as a kid. When I found this great Ouija bag and adorable ghost necklace, I knew I had to add them to give this outfit a little Halloween vibe! As far as the name of this set, well…that’s a reference to one of my favorite shows. 😉

To find all the items in this set, click here.

Final outfit….
Unicorn Woman, find more at amystebbins.com
Unicorn Woman

Bring on the unicorn fun! For this last outfit I just went for it. Its definitely easy to overdo an outfit like this, so I wanted to keep it as simple as I could while still keeping the unicorn pastel theme. I love pastel colors so this was a lot of fun to create! The holographic coat and those velvet booties are two of my favorite bits of this set.

Find all the items, here. 


3 Outfit Ideas, find more at amystebbins.com

So that’s all of the outfits I created this time around! Which one would you wear? If you like these kind of posts, make sure to comment down below saying so, and subscribe!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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