Online boutique is now live

Online boutique is now live

Online Boutique is finally here!

The wait is finally over! A fitting way to begin a new season! The online boutique is now finally live.

For those of you planning on ordering a dress, make sure to review the sizing in the description carefully! Also make sure to read our return policy. Thank you so much for your support and patience.

Sewing patterns coming soon

I have to say, that I am very excited to soon add my own brand of sewing patterns, to the online boutique. Creating a sewing pattern requires a lot of technical work, but it also allows for more content, and variety. I will be putting together an online community page, where everyone can post photos of their creations. I will also be posting contests for prizes, and tutorials on various topics relating to my designs. We already have a few patterns graded, and we will be working on the details, and how-to’s over the next few days. Please join our email list to be notified when new items arrive. For a while there, the email subscribe button was down on this blog. It is back up now, so make sure to subscribe.

Amy Stebbins Couture Sewing Patterns Coming Soon @
A sewing pattern that will be available for download soon

Amy Stebbins Couture Sewing Patterns Coming Soon @


Amy Stebbins Couture online boutique now open


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    1. I make all of these dresses by hand. I usually sew these dresses during the spring and summer months when I have more time available to make multiple garments. There is one dress left in the shop now in the white eyelet. I make posts well before I begin to make garments, asking for requests, so I know how many to make, and what sizes. I then base the amount of dresses being made, on how many requests (during the request time only!) and what fabrics are being requested. This is why I ask people to follow this blog, so they know when new items become available, and when requests are being taken. Thank you for your interest 🙂 make sure to follow us, so you will know when I will be taking new requests for the next run of dresses. Have a great day!

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