Information on the summer 2018 release of the “off shoulder” dress (AKA-Cherry Dress) Plus updates on new items!!

How and When you can order this dress! Find out now

How and When you can order this dress! Find out now

How and When You can order this dress….

I have been receiving questions about when, and if I will be releasing the “Cherry dress” again for the summer season. I want to now share with you all the information about this dress design, and how I will be handling the production of it this year.

It is no longer called “Cherry dress”….

So I wanted to clarify, this dress will no longer be referred to as the “Cherry Dress.” Why? Because this dress will be offered in solid colors, and a few various limited prints. This dress will be referred to as “The off-Shoulder Dress” and it will be made in TWO versions! Version one will be the same dress as you see here in the photos. It will be made of cotton as usual. The second version will be made of 100% Rayon Challis! The bodice will be slightly different, but the sleeves will remain the same. The Challis dress has an amazing drape and flow to it. It will be much lighter in weight as well. I may add a chiffon version of dress #2 or possibly silk charmeuse, jersey….and VELVET!! If you are interested in any of these fabrics, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW! Your feedback is very important! Without it, I couldn’t possibly know what it is you’re looking for.

Many solid colors (and Shibori/tie-dye) now available!!

I am adding solid colors, as well as Shibori/tie-dye print into the mix for this dress. All of these dresses will be hand dyed! In case you missed it, I posted a poll in the @amy_Stebbins_couture Instagram stories about new color selections I will be offering in ALL of the garments I sell in my shop. If you didn’t vote there, I would like to share the colors here, and I ask that You please tell me which colors you are interested in below! There are two color collections…the darker, bolder shades for the “Gossamery Gardens” collection, and the soft, sun-washed pastels for the “Gossamery Mermaid” collections. The off shoulder dress can be made in ANY collections colors! If there is a color that is NOT here, that you would like to have a garment made in, PLEASE state what it is below. THANK YOU!!!

How and When you can order this dress! Find out now
“Gossamery Gardens” color selections. Please leave a comment with the numbers of the colors you like best!
How and When you can order this dress! Find out now
“Gossamery Mermaid” Collection colors. Please comment with the numbers you like best from this group.

Dresses will be ordered, then made….

All dresses will be made upon purchase. I will not have pre-made dresses available (unless otherwise stated in the shop) Print fabrics will be limited in what sizes and number of dresses can be made from the yardage in stock (so if you want one in a print I have on hand, it is advisable you purchase as soon as possible, or it may be gone) Solid colors, and Shibori/tie-dye prints will ALWAYS be available, as they are hand-dyed, so I can always put one together.

Fabrics and ordering….

I will be putting up the fabric choices, and begin taking orders at the end of April (if not before). I have several other garments I am working on, and I am looking forward to getting these up in the shop as well.

Sunny Sunflower Dress is now available…PLUS MORE!

The "Sunny Sunflower" Maxi Dress from the "Gossamery Gardens Collection" available at

The Sunny Sunflower Maxi is now available in the online shop! Hurry and purchase yours before they are all gone!

This weekend we will be putting up MORE new items! There is a new dress, plus some accessories that will be available! So make sure you are following us on Pinterest, and Instagram to be notified as soon as these new items release. I am excited to be adding all these new items. We are having a great time creating them for you!

Thank you for your feedback….

Thank you so much for giving your feedback on the color choices below. I want to make items available to you that you love and enjoy!

Until next time….





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  1. Geez now i kinda like a solid color. I still love version one the cotton. I wear size 6. Im leaning towards number 5 the army green color or number 7 the turquoise. Both from the bold colors.

    1. I am still very interested in the off the shoulder dress version one like shown in the pic. I love the darker bolder color like turquoise or wine. I wear size 6 and have my measurements if you need them. I gave an August wedding…would this be ready in time?

      1. The sizes I have patterns drafted for are as follows:

        SIZE 4- BUST 32, HIGH WAIST 24-1/2

        SIZE 6- BUST 34, HIGH WAIST 26-1/2

        SIZE 8- BUST 35, HIGH WAIST 29-1/2

        SIZE 10-BUST 36 HIGH WAIST 31

        You need to make sure that your size is correct before ordering. Measure twice to make sure.
        ***These are the AMY STEBBINS COUTURE sizes for this dress. These are the measurements you need to select from.
        Thank you!

        If you order your dress as soon as this dress is listed in the shop, there should be no problems with getting it to you well before august.

    2. I am interested in ordering the sweet home Alabama style dress in a pattern close to that onebut don’t see one withthe same sleeves can you help?

      1. Any questions you may have about any of our shop items, or special orders, can be addressed to me directly via the contact page in the tool bar.
        Thank you for your interest.

    1. They are both versions of Maroon (red with a brown base) One is more on the purple side, and one is more on the red side. I will select the final colors soon. I posted these to see what people like the most, and which colors get the most feedback.

    2. Ok i double checked my measurements and my bust is 32 my waist is 26 and hips are 37 what size should i lean more towards? The size 4 to hold my bust in??

      1. What cup size are you? That will help me to determine what size would be best. For example: The white eyelet dress I have in this style (which is no longer available-im in the process of removing it today) Is a size 4/6 It can fit my model who is a size 4, but it also fits me (I am a size 6, with a 34 bust A cup, and my actual waist is 28)

        I am finishing up another off shoulder dress, then I will be opening up orders. (I have one completed already which will be for sale) Two photoshoots coming up as well, one tomorrow, and another by midweek.

        The end of April is almost here. 🙂

  2. Do you have any of your navy cherry fabric left? I’m pregnant with twins right now but was a size 6/8 beforehand… so my guess is I’ll be around a 10 by start of summer after I deliver in the next 5 weeks!

    1. Ok im going with size 6. The same version of the off the shoulder dress..former cherry sprinkles. Lol. Cant wait to hear what color choices you are offering.

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