Fall collection, Blog series, and Updates!

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com

What have I been up to? Let’s start off with a few updates….

Hello again! It has been a while since my last blog post, so I thought I would get the ball rolling with a few life updates….

So far this spring has been a very busy one here, with no signs of slowing down. On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, I had to have emergency surgery, but now I am doing better (thank goodness!)

If you don’t follow @amy_Stebbins_couture on Instagram, you really should. It is there I post current info in my stories, and feed. I almost always post on Instagram first when I have news to share, so make sure you follow me there. I also have a giveaway coming up there, as well as this blog! So make sure you follow both, so you have a chance to win.

Getting in touch with my roots…looking back to go forward….

While I was recovering from surgery, I spent some time looking at old blog posts from over the years. As I went through them, a feeling of yearning came over me. I was craving the feelings and vibe I would get when I used to write my posts. I really miss it! I always had fun with it, and found it so exciting. Upon further reflection, I also realized how I have been veering off from my personal design aesthetic, and work flow. With all this looking back, I am now re-motivated to go forward! Sometimes the best kind of motivation out there is self-motivation! It certainly is in this case.

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com
Two of my favorite fall items I made in the past. The Autumn Silk Boho Dress, and End of Autumn Orange Skirt
Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com
Looking at old blog photos really takes me back! This one I took while mountain biking with my family! So beautiful
Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com
My favorite tree at one of the state parks my family and I bike at!

The Birth of a new blog series….

Because of my new found motivation, I have decided to begin a new blog series. In this new series I will be teaching my daughter how to sew. We will be going through each step of the process in creating an outfit, from fabric selection, all the way to how to style the finished product! It should be a fun and interesting process. We begin work on this series next week! So be on the look out for those posts.

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com
This was when Ciarra helped me with cutting out some dresses a while back. She is great at cutting garments out, Now she just needs to learn to put them together!

Fall collection in the works….

I have been working on my fall/winter collection for 2018. This will include separates, and a few dresses. I am looking forward to finishing them up, and sharing them with everyone. This collection is influenced by the season, and things I love to wear most. It also reflects the colors I crave during the fall and winter seasons. My style aesthetic is what I would call “Modern bohemian, with a touch of romance thrown in.”

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com
I pull a lot of inspiration from the things, and time of year I love most! Like this autumn scene at the Crim Dell bridge at the College of William and Mary! (where my daughter just graduated from!)

New Items in the shop….

We have three new items in the shop this week, all made by Ciarra. If you would like to know more about each item, please visit our shop.

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com

Fall Collection, Blog Series and Updates @www.amystebbins.com

Updates on styles in shop…SUMMER COLORS

If you were wondering what colors we have available for the hand dyed items, here is our current summer collection of colors. The dyed fabric you see is either cotton jersey, cotton muslin, or cotton gauze, to give you an idea of how the colors show up on various fabrics. As you can see, these colors come out very vibrant and beautiful.


Off Shoulder Dress….

For all those still asking about the off shoulder dress, I have ONE available now in the online shop. It is in the “Caribbean Splash” color. This is one of the colors that was requested by more than one person. This is what I have in stock for right now.

Away we go….

And so forward into the future I go. My “To Do” list is very long, yet filled with satisfying things that I look forward to crossing off as I go.

I not only write blog posts here, but also at www.gossamerydreams.com. If you haven’t had a look at our sister blog, please feel free to give it a read.

Until next time,

Have a great week!



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