Teaching Ciarra to Sew-Part 3-Making The Top

Making The Top

We are now on to part 3 of our ‘Teaching Ciarra to Sew’ blog series (click here for PART 1 and PART 2) Today we are focusing on making the top. We have one more blog post after this one in the sewing portion (the skirt) and then we share the big reveal! The outfit came out amazing. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Without further ado, let’s get started!!

Teaching Ciarra to sew
Here Ciarra begins with marking the lines for her bodice darts. This is to make sure they line up perfectly.


Here she pins the darts closed before taking them over to the machine.
Teaching Ciarra to sew
Now she stitches the darts closed. This forms the shape of the bust.

teaching ciarra to sew
Now it is time to press the dart down, to create that perfect shape.

Here you can see where we finished all of the edges of the garment that would be exposed in the seam allowance. This makes for a professional, and clean seam.


Here Ciarra is making her markings on each of the straps. This way they line up perfectly when she will attach them
Sewing the straps

Now it is time to trim, or grade the seams of the strap, in order to reduce bulk when turning it.

Turning the strap

Now she attaches the straps to the bodice back pieces, making sure they line up properly with the correct markings.
Now it is time to pin the side seams together to keep them from shifting when they are sewn together.
sewing the seam
After the side seams are sewn together, it is time to press them open. Here we use our clapper to get a perfectly flat seam!
Teaching Ciarra to Sew
Now we pin the sleeve seam together on each seam, in preparation to sew


teaching ciarra to sew
Once the seam is sewn, we press it flat, and also press up the hem, which will become an elastic casing.


Pressing the sleeve seam flat
Sewing the sleeve hem
Pieces of elastic are cut the correct size for Ciarra’s arm, and then will be inserted in the hem casing we made in the sleeve.
Now we pin the sleeve to the armscye.
sewing the sleeve to the armscye. I had to help Ciarra with this part. It can be rather tricky for a beginner! You have to make sure that the seam doesn’t shift while sewing. This can be difficult at times.
Sleeves are now attached. Time to add the facings.
Here Ciarra begins attaching the facing pieces together.

Facings are now sewn together
We now sew up the back seam before applying the facing piece. The top is intentionally left open so the top is easy to put on.
Pinning the facing to the bodice
sewing the facing to the bodice.
once sewn we grade the seam to reduce bulk. If you don’t do this, your edge will look puffy and odd.
Once the facing is attached, we then we understitch. This keeps the facing from rolling toward the outside.
The top is almost complete!
Now we slip the straps in through the front part of the bodice (holes we left open between the facing and front bodice) and we will adjust them to the right length, then stitch them down.
Time to press the hem! YAY! Almost done!
Stitching the hem down. We went for a small hem with this top. We liked the way it looked best.
Now for the final touches. Ciarra will attach a hook and eye at the closure in the back, as well as tacking down the facings to the seams.
tacking the facings in place


I hope you found this post interesting, as well as educational. To see the final sewing post, as well as the big outfit reveal, please make sure to sign up for our blog notifications, as well as our newsletter! That way you never miss a post!

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