100 Dollar Outfit Challenge-Outfit #1, Black and White

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

Hello everyone! As mentioned in our August Newsletter, today we begin our “100 Dollar Outfit Challenge.” The rules of the challenge are simple; Put together an outfit for under a hundred dollars. The main clothing should be purchased, but the accessories and shoes (and sometimes outerwear) can be items that we already have in our closet. This doesn’t mean if we find ALL the items for under 100 bucks, we can’t purchase them, it just leaves us a little wiggle room, and helps us to repurpose and reuse items we already have. Our first outfit of the series is all about “black and white.”

For this month’s challenge we purchased a pair of pants, and a top. The shoes, bag, earrings, sunglasses and necklace are already items Ciarra owns. The pants are Forever 21, Top is Express, Shoes were from Target (no longer available) Earrings and sunglasses from Charming Charlie. Necklace was purchased in Salem, MA! Bag is from Fossil (no longer available)

If you wish to recreate this look, here are the items included in this outfit:

The pants (here) were purchased at Forever 21 for 22.90.

The top came from Express (here) and was bought on sale for 25.45.

A similar pair of shoes (here)

A similar pair of earrings (Here)

A similar necklace (here)

A similar bag (Here)

A similar pair of sunglasses (here)

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge-www.amystebbins.com

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

So for this outfit Ciarra spent (with tax) a grand total of 51.24. If you reuse items you already own, you can purchase a whole new outfit, without breaking the bank.

*NOTE- While it is nice to purchase a new look like this every now and then, I am still a huge advocate for purchasing quality, well made items, that are less on the trendy side, which will last for years. I think the fast fashion items are best served for a few trendy pieces (like her stripe pants) and not for the staple items in your wardrobe (like a basic coat and black pants etc…) Always opt for the best you can afford for your main wardrobe garments.

So our first 100 dollar challenge is done. I wonder what goodies we will find for next months 100 dollar challenge! To find out, make sure you subscribe to our blog.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Until next time,


100 Dollar Outfit Challenge

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