Teaching Ciarra to Sew-Part 4- Making the Skirt

 Making the Skirt

We’ve made it! It’s time for the final sewing post in the ‘Teaching Ciarra To Sew’ blog series! Today we will be making the skirt. This has been a fun blog series to work on with Ciarra. I think she did a really great job for her first time making clothing. I found that she is really great a cutting our plaids, and has an amazing work ethic. We both learned that she needs to practice a bit more when it comes to curved areas (which I helped her with) but that is just a matter of time and practice.

Let’s get this blog post started!! Here we go…..

First we must gather the front and back of the upper sections of the skirt. To do this we make two rows of loose stitching at the top of each section.
Here you can see where she has started to pull one end of the stitching in order to form the gathers. The other end of the stitching is secured with a pin.
Once the gathers have been adjusted, we then pin our front waistband to the front section of the upper skirt.
Now we attach the waistband to the skirt, making sure gathers lay even.

Front waistband is now attached.
Now it is time to fold our back waistband in half and stitch in place. This will form a casing for elastic.
Attaching back waistband to back skirt section
Back skirt waistband is now attached.
Here we top stitch our waistband in place. This gives a nice finish.
Now it is time to insert out waistband elastic.

Waistband elastic is in, and tacked into place. Now we pin the front and back together in prep to sew side seams.
sewing the side seams
Upper skirt is now complete
Ciarra now sews down the front waistband over the stitching on the inside. This creates a very clean, and professional finish.

Now we move onto the lower skirt ruffle. It’s time to attach all side seams.
Making the hem for the lower ruffle.
Just like the upper ruffle, the lower ruffle needs to be gathered. Each section is double stitched at the top with the largest stitch setting, then pulled to form gathers.
attaching the lower ruffle to the upper skirt
The skirt is now complete and ready to press!! Ciarra did a great job!!!!

So there you have it! That’s it for the sewing portions of this blog series! I’m glad you joined us! Now on to the last and final post….THE BIG OUTFIT REVEAL! Make sure you have signed up for our blog notifications and newsletter mailing list, so you don’t miss out on all our great posts!

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