Hurricane Florence, And Updates….

Hurricane Florence and Updates
Hurricane Florence and Updates

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a very good chance I will be without power for a while, due to the incoming hurricane (Florence.) As of right now, it is currently a Category 4 storm, and expected to strengthen further. It is supposed to make landfall at the end of the week somewhere in the Carolinas. HOWEVER…this does not put my area in the clear of anything. When you see a hurricane hit the outer banks of North Carolina…the effects will be felt where I live too.

Hurricane Florence and Updates
You can see here when winds will be arriving. The problem that everyone is worried about with this storm (including us!) is the rain and storm surge.
Hurricane Florence and Updates
Here you can see hoe much rain they are predicting. Not good. Soaked soil and wind=lots of downed trees and power lines

As to the strength of this storm, we don’t know what it will actually be for us (I’m guessing at minimum a nasty tropical storm) So I am preparing for the worst, and will pleasantly surprised if it is not as bad. All we can do is prepare, and make sure everything is in order before it arrives. I don’t live in a flood zone thankfully, but I know of several people who are in these areas. I wish everyone the best of luck during this scary time. My thoughts and prayers are with us all.

Photo shoot cancelled

We had a photo shoot prepared for several things, but we had to cancel due to some heavy rain (which actually flooded one of the cities south of us! ) So I think we are just going to focus on getting prepared for this storm for now, and get the photos taken when we can.

Shop Updates

I also wanted to let everyone know that once this storm has passed, you will see some changes to our online shop. We have been working on updating everything about it, and I am very glad about the choices I have made. Make sure to follow the blog, so you don’t miss out on the update!

That is all for now. If I luck out, and we get all of our prepping done early, I just might be able to get my photo’s taken, and blogs scheduled. If not, it will just have to wait.

Please think positive thoughts for everyone in the cone of this storm! Thank you!

Until next time,


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