September Favorites Of The Month

September Favorites Of The Month


I can’t believe we’re at the end of September already! This month has flown right by. As always at the end of the month, I like to share a few of my current favorite things. As always you can find links to all of these things in my Pinterest board for “September Favorites Of The Month”. Let’s get started!

1.)-Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are back! I have to really pretty angora/mohair bucket hats that I bought years ago that are in my closet! I guess it is time to pull them out again. Did anyone else wear these once upon a time?

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2.)-Feng Shui

This is a little sneak peak into some future blog posts coming up, not only on this blog, but also our sister blog Gossamery Dreams. Ever since we moved into our current home, I have been wanted to apply “Feng Shui” Principles to our living space to see how and if it makes a difference! Stay tuned to this blog, and our sister blog to find out! I will be going through the step by step process as we makeover our home!

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3.)-Trader Joe’s Fall items! YAY!!

This is my favorite time of year for food items at Trader Joe’s! Pumpkin spice and EVERYTHING NICE! Anything with cinnamon, has got my vote! Here are a few of the things I love that Trader Joe’s has stocked this month….

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So there you have it! Another month of 2018 is over! And now we are on to one of my favorite months! OCTOBER!

Until Next Time,

Happy Fall Y’all!!!


September Favorites Of The Month


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