Look Of The Week- Cozy Fall Sweaters

Look Of The Week-Cozy Fall Sweaters

Look Of The Week- Cozy Fall Sweaters

**This post was supposed to be up on Thursday, however the tropical storm that rolled through here (Michael) knocked power and internet out. Luckily we were in the mountains yesterday, and when we returned home last night, we had power and our internet was back up.

This week I thought I would post about one of my favorite things about fall…Cozy Sweaters! Who doesn’t love to slip into a warm soft sweater on a cool crisp morning? I couldn’t imagine my life without them during the chilly months of the year. Here are a few of the sweaters I have had my eye on lately. I plan on adding a few of these to my wardrobe to wear during the autumn and winter months.

First Up Sweaters From Zara….

The Sleeves are great!


Look OF The Week
This is just cute. It reminds me of watching “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” as a kid!

Love The Detail on the sleeves!


Some glam with sequins!
Minimalist Sweater fashion at its finest
fuzzy sparkles


And Now Sweaters From ASOS….

Look OF The Week
I love stripes and bright colors! So fun for fall

Look OF The Week

Look OF The Week
Love cardi sweaters like this!

This looks so soft!
pretty pearl details

And A Few From Mango….

love everything about it!
very feminine
fuzzy fun again! This style is all over the place.

If you want to see more sweaters that I didn’t post here, check out my Pinterest board “Fall Fashion” to see more!

My Pinterest account has something for everyone!
Check out my Fall Fashion board for more sweaters!

What do you think of these snugly sweaters? What is your favorite style of sweater/jumper to wear when it is cold outside? Comment below!

Until Next Time,

Stay warm and snuggly!


Look Of The Week-Cozy Fall Sweaters

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