October Favorites Of The Month


October Favorites Of The Month

We are yet again at the end of another month! I feel like October went by way too fast…In fact, It seems like time itself is on fast forward (and I have to say I am not a fan!) Honestly, I am very sick of being rushed! Society needs to chill the heck out, and enjoy life more!I know I am probably not alone in this sentiment. Do you feel this as well? Comment below!

Here are a few items I have been looking at a lot this month, and loving! I have added several of these to my 2018/2019 Wishlist, but you can see all these items, plus more on my October favorites board HERE.

Without further ado…here are my latest obsessions…

Slipper Socks

I absolutely LOVE slipper socks! I wear them a lot during the cooler months of the year in my house. We have wood floors, and we don’t wear shoes in the house, so these slipper socks come in handy! I wish I could wear them all the time, as they are so warm and comfy! I actually own the Jane and Bleecker pair shown here. They are so cute!

My Favorites for the month of October
My Jane and Bleecker slipper socks, a cup of tea, and my pup! A perfect way to relax on an October afternoon!

Luna Skye Jewelry

Omg… I am OBSESSED with this jewelry! It is so my style! She even uses stones I love in her collections! So feminine, and so classy looking! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I need this jewelry in my life! You can see these items in my Pinterest board, or you can visit the online shop directly HERE.

Pretty Donuts

I am loving how creative and beautiful pastry chefs are getting with something as simple as a donut! Utterly amazing work! They are almost too beautiful to eat (I said almost!) I would love to have some of these for my Birthday this February (especially the mermaid ones!)

Kiwi/Sesame Jasper

This is one of my newest favorites gemstone/crystals. When I look at this stone it just makes me so happy! It is such a beautiful soft color. It reminds me of those little speckled eggs you get during Easter. Kiwi Jasper is said to nurture the protect from negative energy. It brings tranquility and wholeness. It aligns the chakras and is used in healing.

So there you have it! My favorites for the month of October. My November Newsletter should be arriving in people’s inboxes soon, so be on the lookout for that. I have a couple of recipes that I have included in it for Thanksgiving. I also will begin my “30 Days Of Being Thankful” series on Nov. 1st! Each day I will be posting something I am thankful for. I hope you will join me in sharing what you are thankful for each day in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Happy Halloween!!!



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