Website/Shop & Life Updates….

Website/Shop & Life Updates!

It’s time to share some updates and news about this blog, and life! Let’s begin….

Website Updates

If you haven’t already noticed it, or clicked on it yet, I thought I would point out a new tab we have added to this website….

Website/Shop & Life Updates!
You can see the new tab circled in red here in this screen shot.

Here is where you can contact me directly for inquiries into my design & blog services. I will no longer be offering clothing in the traditional “ready to wear” fashion like most E-commerce online shops do. I will only be working with clients on a one-on-one basis. There are no set fees as each clients needs vary. Items like personal dress forms for fitting will be included in each quote. Price quotes are given after a consultation (consultation fees apply)

For blogging services, I will collaborate with fellow bloggers on projects and articles. I also provide fashion design and styling services for personal and business needs. For these you may contact me through the”Design & Blog Services” tab.

What will be in our online shop then?….

We will be adding items to our shop at various times, and updating everyone about them in our blog posts. We will have various fashion accessories, handbags & purses, art work & gift items, and yes, sometimes even clothing items! As always we will announce new items here and on our social media accounts.

Life Updates….

Besides website and shop changes, there are a few personal changes I am making in my everyday life. One of which I will be blogging about in a new series here. We will be redecorating our home according to Feng Shui. I will be recording the process, how-to, and the end results. I will be letting all my readers know how this method of aligning energies effects our lives. Will it bring more peace and serenity to our home? Will it bring us success and prosperity? Make sure you sign up for blog updates to find out!

Website/Shop & Life Updates!
For our first posts in this series, we will be painting our front door a shade of blue like this, as it faces direct north! Right now it is the WRONG COLOR for good chi energy! Yikes

I am happy to say that I am also going to be working daily with my art supplies again! I plan on diving deeper into illustration, painting and more. Lately have solely been focused on just making clothing. I miss working with my pencils, paints, and markers! I plan on creating some pieces for our home, and our shop. I will be sharing what I create here on this blog as well.

Website/Shop & Life Updates!
My little design corner in my office! I haven’t been sitting here nearly enough as of late! That is about to change! 🙂

In November I am going to be posting daily with my “30 days of being Thankful” blog series. Even though I am filled with gratitude each and every day, I don’t normally write everything out that I am thankful about! It will be fun to share these things with all of you, and I hope you will join me by leaving comments about what you are thankful for as well!

Website/Shop & Life Updates!
A new daily blog series for the month of November

I am looking forward to what the future, and new year holds for this blog, as well as my family! I hope you will join me on this unfolding adventure.

Until next time, have an amazing day!


Website/Shop & Life Updates!

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