30 Days Of Being Thankful- Day 15- Gardens

Day 15 of 30 Days of Being Thankful

Day 15- Gardens

On day 15 I am thankful for gardens! I love everything about them! There is something so satisfying about digging in the dirt, planting seeds, and then watching them grow! I don’t care if it is vegetable or flower gardens…I love them all. I like to interplant veggies with flowers! Vegetables taste the best when you grow them yourself. When my children were little, I had them learn to plant and grow veggies, and berries. This is probably why they love to eat them so much. I have collected some amazing garden articles and photos in my Pinterest “In the Garden” board. I will share a few of my favorites here, along with some snapshots I have taken with my iPhone over the years….

First Up…My iPhone snap shots!

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And Now various photos from my “In The Garden” Board on Pinterest. Check it out to see lots of garden ideas, tips, and photos!

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Do you have a garden? If so, what do you like to grow? Do you prefer flower or vegetable gardening? What are you thankful for today? Share below.

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Day 15 of 30 Days of Being Thankful

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