30 Days Of Being Thankful- Day 20- Mr. Mickey

30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 20

Day 20- Mr. Mickey

Today on day 20, I am very thankful for our dog Mickey. I am so happy we found him (and he found us!) We adopted him a few years ago on Valentine’s Day from the humane society where we live. The poor little guy was sitting there in a kennel with a cast on, and a cone to keep from chewing it off! He barked and showed enthusiasm when he saw us for the first time, like he was seeing an old friend he missed terribly. We fell in love with him immediately. He was surrendered by the former people who had him because they didn’t want to care for a dog with a broken leg (which happened under their care no less!)

30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 20
The day we brought Mickey home!

We spent several weeks wrapping his cast in plastic wrap every time he went out to potty. It was a lot of work to keep his cast clean, and try to keep an energetic puppy from getting too rambunctious, but it was worth it. Mickey is an Italian greyhound-jack Russell mix. He is so clever, fast, and quite the prankster. Mickey was his name when we adopted him, and he responded so well to it, that we didn’t have the heart to change it (but let me tell you, it is so NOT a name I would choose!) Mickey has several nick names which are; “Loki” (because he is such a plotting prankster), “lickey” because he LICKS A LOT!, “baby boo” because he is after all! And “little devil” or “demon spawn” when he gets into trouble! LOL! Trust me…if you saw what he gets up to, you would agree! Hahahaha. We love our Mr. Mickey so much! He is a fun and loving addition to our family!

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Do you have an adopted pet? If so, what type? What are you thankful for today? Comment and share below!

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30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 20

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