30 Days Of Being Thankful-Day 22-My Son

30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 22-Come see what I am so thankful for today!

Day 22-My Son

On Day 22 of this blog series, I am so thankful for my amazing son. How he even came to be is quite the amazing, and almost “supernatural” story (and would take a while to write out! If you want to hear it, comment below) The day he was born, it had been raining non stop for several days. I was lucky to have an amazing birthing room, with HUGE windows (actually the whole back wall was window, from floor to ceiling!) with a beautiful view of Mount Tamalpais. I kid you not…right as he was about to come out into the world, it stopped raining, and the clouds parted! Sun started to stream into the room! Then and there he came into the world, all 9 pounds of him! He was quite a large baby boy, not chubby at all, but extremely L-O-N-G!! I had to return all the newborn clothing we had bought for him because he was too big for them! When he was 11 months old, people thought he was 2 because he was so tall (and he is still growing!) He is such a talented, amazing person, and incredibly smart. He is witty beyond belief, and always makes me laugh. He is kind, caring, and very sweet. I love him dearly, and I feel he will do extraordinary things with his life (when he was five years old, he explained to me how a business franchise worked, and he was right! How did he know this?) I love you Soren to the moon and back! You are a piece of my heart walking around on the outside. I love you, and will always be here for you. Go do amazing things…I know you will.

30 days of being thankful
On a trip in autumn up to New England one year…
30 days of being thankful
And this was at the beginning of October of this year. He has grown a little more since then!

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What are you thankful for today? Comment and share below!

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30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 22-Come see what I am so thankful for today!

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