30 Days Of Being Thankful- Day 26- Courage

30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 26

Day 26-Courage

On Day 26 I am thankful for courage. It takes a lot of courage for me to put myself out there, each time I post photos, write a blog post, design a new garment, style a look, or create a new drawing. I know that everyone will not like what I post, or share, and it takes courage to face this fact.

Without courage, think of all the amazing things out there that would not exist! Inventions, computers, artwork, entertainment, and even this country would not exist. I find courageous acts, and people so inspirational. They give me hope, and stoke the fire of intestinal fortitude in me!

30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 26
If you want to be inspired by some truly amazing courageous women, please CLICK HERE to read all about them, and where you can visit an amazing museum dedicated to them!

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What gives you courage? What is your most memorable courageous moment? What are you thankful for today? Share below.

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30 Days Of Being Thankful Day 26

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