December Updates-What’s new & What’s Next?

December Updates-What's New and What's Next! Click Here to Find Out!

December already?!….

I can’t believe it is already December! This year has completely flown by for me, what about you? So much has been going on lately on my end, that I haven’t even gotten around to sending out a newsletter yet, so I thought I would just update everyone here.

New Shop Items, and Construction….

If you saw in a recent blog post, I have now added The Cherry Dress sewing pattern to my shop. It is a multi size sewing pattern download. If you haven’t seen the blog post about this yet, just click here.

Cherry Dress Sewing Pattern Now Available at
You can see all of the variations of the cherry dress pattern, and in different types of fabrics and colors. Top row from left to right: turquoise eyelet, cherry print cotton, stitch cotton large cherry print, white eyelet cotton. Bottom Row from left to right: stretch cotton large cherry print, petite cherry print non stretch cotton, again non stretch cotton, and silky faille custom print fabric we designed.

We are also in the process of revamping our shop layout, (and designing new items!) but because of our hectic schedule, and current events happening with my family, this hasn’t been coming together as quickly as I would like. After this first week of December is over, hopefully that will change (more on that in a second here)

Solo Art Exhibit!….

This past weekend, was a lot of work, and honestly it didn’t feel like we had a weekend at all. We were busy running errands, shooting photos, taking kids to rehearsals, and also helping Ciarra to set up her solo art exhibition! It takes a lot of time and work to get a gallery ready for an art show, but so worth it! Her show looks amazing! I can’t wait for the reception this Friday! We also have a Christmas violin recital to go to on Wednesday for my son. It’s going to be a busy but exciting week! Be on the lookout for my instagram stories. I am probably doing a live feed from Ciarra’s art show. That will be on December 7th.

December Updates-What's New and What's Next! Click Here to Find Out!
One of the small posters for Ciarra’s Art show.
December Updates-What's New and What's Next! Click Here to Find Out!
hanging up one of Ciarra’s pieces in the gallery.

New Posts Coming….

I have a bunch of fun posts coming up, one of which is a sew along series with instructions for you to create a cute skirt to wear for New Years, special occasion, or for your next awesome Instagram photo! (Be on the lookout for that soon!) I am also posting more about the “lounge dress” that I created, Look of The Week posts, Christmas recipes, and all about my up and coming health and fitness series for all of those looking to get fit for the new year!

December Updates-What's New and What's Next! Click Here to Find Out!
Sew Along Skirt Tutorial coming soon!

I am hoping to finally finish my first Feng Shui post (we started it! But it’s not finished yet!) This is something I have wanted to do for so long! And I have FINALLY gotten all of my family on board to do it!

I am also in the process of making a few new coats, as well as some accessories! As you can see I have a lot planned, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you. Now to just fit it all in! LOL

Organization….it’s finally coming together!

December Updates-What's New and What's Next! Click Here to Find Out!

A topic that is very close to my heart is organization. I am all about the time management, and let me tell you…it isn’t easy when your family is all over the place with different schedules, and things they are trying to accomplish. There are only so many hours in the day to get everything done, so for me, having a schedule and sticking to it, is an absolute MUST! I am definitely not into procrastination! My personality is “go go go” until you get it DONE! My goal for this coming year is to get even more organized and plan things much further out in advance. While I have been ok with the scheduling as of late…I want to be even better at it for 2019! I am so happy that my daughter (as well as business partner) will have more time to work on this with me now. She is very much like me when it comes to making her mind up about something and then getting it done! It will be nice to have another person who thinks like I do when it comes to projects and work tasks.

That’s a wrap!….

So there you have it…I have a lot on my schedule, and I look forward to having some fun with it! As time goes on, I learn more and grow. I see things I need to change, things I need to add, and things I need to improve on. Blogging is a journey, and there is a lot of trial and error. I hope you continue along with me right into the new year. I would also love some feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see me blog about! What are your favorite subjects to read about? Comment below with suggestions. I really appreciate it! Thank you!

Until Next Post,


December Updates-What's New and What's Next! Click Here to Find Out!

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