Motivation Monday-Fitness Update # 2 & Revamping Everything


Fitness Update #2….

Week 2 of our fitness challenge is just about complete as I type this. We missed our Friday leg workout due to circumstances beyond our control. We only were able to run once outdoors because of the weather, and now I am dealing with a sick child, so hopefully I don’t come down with these cooties too. I’m doing all I can to stay healthy.

My husband is also one of the over 800,000 people who are working WITHOUT PAY right now. This whole situation throughly disgusts me and makes me so enraged! Now more than ever I need to be on top of my fitness, just so I can cope with the extreme stress we are under. It’s hard to be positive and happy, when you don’t know how you will be able to pay your bills, or buy groceries.


As I type this it is snowing outside, so it looks like I won’t be going on a run tomorrow. Treadmill and HIIT for cardio for me!

My weight has only changed a few ounces, but my clothes are starting to fit different, which of course means I am keeping my muscle mass, which is a good thing. The last two days I have been eating more carbs than I should, but honestly I am not sad about it! I am under so much stress, I am giving myself a break, and NOT being hard on myself what so ever. If you ever go through a bad time, PLEASE go easy on yourself. I have to remind myself of this too!

I had a very unusual feeling about the start of 2019 (back at the end of 2018!) that something about this year would be different. Well…it is different alright! It’s starting off strong for my fitness game, but the other stuff…omg…just NO! I have too keep reminding myself that this too shall pass…but it isn’t going to be pretty…for anyone!

Week 3 of this fitness challenge is about to begin (I can’t believe it! Time is flying by!) Soon we will be halfway through this 8 weeks, and it will be time to switch up the program! I will be posting the new program at that time. 

Without a fitness routine in my life, I would fall ill due to stress. We will overcome this difficult time…and make no mistake…those who cause misery to others, will feel the karmic return…What goes around, comes around. You don’t use people like pawns to cheat your way into getting what you want!

Revamping things…

We have been working on revamping several things, so I won’t be as active with posts for the rest of January. I will keep posting Motivation Monday updates though! It keeps me on track with my fitness program. In February things will be different for the blog, and hopefully with everything else. My birthday wish this year is for families to get paid once again, so they don’t have to worry where their next meal is coming from.

Until Next Post,

Good Luck to us all…



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