Motivation Monday- Fitness Update #3-Moving Forward/Grievance or Miracle?

Fitness Update #3 at

Update #3….

I am at the end of week 3 of our 2019 fitness challenge, and despite serious stress, and pure frustration, I am moving forward. There have been several “bumps” in the road this past week, and my ability to concentrate has gone right out the window. My kids both have been ill, and I have been taking it easy, as I too have been fighting getting sick. My workouts have been crammed into a few days worth, as I have been dealing with other things. The point is, I still fit my workouts in. I adapted to my situation, and I still got it done!

Fitness Update #3

Grievance or Miracle?….

One of my favorite meditations from the app I use is called “Grievance or Miracle.” In this meditation we learn that in each moment in life, we have a choice between a grievance or miracle.

Fitness Update
You can listen to this meditation HERE.

We can choose to feel gratitude, or we can focus on an annoyance, or pain. Often when we feel pain or sadness, we fear that there will never be enough time to heal our heart. We must then decide, “How long to I want to be miserable?” Then step outside to the see the opportunity in our sadness, or closed doors. Where there is sadness or pain, we have the opportunity to heal and become stronger. Where there are closed doors, another will open, blessing us with new opportunities and adventures. If you would like to read a little more about this subject, check out this website.

This whole fiasco with the shutdown has brought so much to light for my family. We see who is truly there for us, and who isn’t. We can see that the majority of American’s are not going to tolerate cruel or hateful actions by a small minority of people (this is a big miracle! And am so happy we stand united in this!) It has made me stronger, by pointing me in the right direction of who I am, what I want, and how I can serve my fellow humans. I held my voice back for so long, in fear that I would “ruffle feathers”…well that time is SO OVER! I have found my voice again.

In my next Motivation Monday post, I will be at the halfway point of the workout challenge. I will also be sharing a bit about “La dolce far niente” and why everyone needs more of this in our current age!

Until next post,

Peace, love and light


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