Motivation Monday-Fitness Update #4 & The Art Of Doing Nothing….

Motivation Monday Update #4

Motivation Monday-Fitness Update #4 & The Art Of Doing Nothing….

Update #4….

It’s time again to check in with an update on how we are doing so far with our fitness challenge. We have just completed week 3, and we are moving into week 4. This past week was a little rough because everyone in my house has been fighting off this nasty cold that has been going around.

When I feel under the weather, I really listen to my body, and if I don’t feel like working out, I won’t. I know that I will feel better eventually, and I will jump right back into my fitness routine. This past week, I had one of those days. I just knew  that if I went ahead with my regular scheduled workout, that I would regret it. Instead, I let my body rest and recuperate, and the next day I felt much better.

Motivation Monday-Health, Wellness, Fitness and Food!

Make sure not to overdo it when you feel illness coming on. If you really feel like moving anyway, it is best to take a gentle walk outdoors, or do yoga to assess how you feel. Sometimes just getting outside will improve the way you feel.

Over the past week I have eaten relatively well, with the exception of Saturday, which I totally indulged. I enjoyed eating noodles, and chocolate. It was yummy, but once I get my fill, “I’m good” for a while. I actually  crave  healthy food after a splurge. I also know I could never eat like that all the time and feel healthy. Yuck. Believe it or not, I prefer the taste, and texture of fruits an vegetables over processed junk. I can actually feel them giving me life, while processed food feels totally void of energy. I am very aware  of how food makes me feel, and I show appreciation towards my meals before I consume them. If more people practiced appreciation and gratitude while preparing and consuming their food, we probably would have even larger sections in the grocery store with pure whole foods, and less with the processed crap in the middle. Shift your conscience and change your life.

Motivation Monday Update #4
Eating whole, fresh food, fills me with positive energy and vitality!

As I go into week 4 of this workout challenge, I am feeling more adventurous and stronger. I look forward to adding more weight to my lifts, and trying out some new foam rolling routines I came across.

The Art Of Doing Nothing….

Motivation Monday Update #4

It’s now time to shift gears a bit…It’s time to slow down, and just “be.” We are now going to discuss something that more people should take time to do each and every day…and that is Nothing!

It seems simple right? To just sit, relax and enjoy a “moment” doing absolutely nothing, but have you tried this? It isn’t easy!

To practice the art of doing nothing, one has to turn OFF the phone, step away from the technology, and forget work, stress, and all that stuff you have on your to-do list.

There are many ways in which you can just enjoy your time doing nothing. Some of my favorite ways are….

Taking a long hot bath, and feeling the water on my skin.

Going for a long walk, and really listening to my breath, and feeling each step I take.

Sitting in a public space and just watching people go by.

Sitting or walking in nature, taking in all of the sounds and life around me.

Sitting on a beach and just watching the waves.

Motivation Monday Update #4
Motivation Monday Update #4

Taking time to just “be” is vital to longevity, creativity, and our mental health. There is just not enough emphasis on how important this is in western society. In order for humanity to advance in a healthy way, we have to let go of what we don’t need, and focus on what is truly important for life. Having a healthy state of mind is crucial to happiness and productivity.

Take the time each day, to find some space to just take in being you!   Show gratitude to your body and mind. Give yourself a break!

What is your favorite way to just “be”? How do you like to spend your downtime? Have you ever tried just doing nothing? Comment and share below!

Until Next Post,

Have a peaceful week.


Motivation Monday Update #4

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