Welcome February & January Favorites

Welcome February! And Favorites For January!

Welcome February ….

We have made it to February! This is the month that has the most birthday’s in my family, including my own. I am looking forward to celebrating with my family, and enjoying some homemade cooking and cake! If you have a February birthday, comment below!

January Favorites….

The month of January definitely had an over all “theme” for me, and so my favorites of the month reflect this. Here are a few of the things that caught my eye (or ear) during the month of January.

SkyView Lite app….

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a deep fascination with the stars, and looking up at the sky. It has always been a habit that when I step outside my front door, the first thing that I do is look up! Because of this I have actually seen a few things (yes, I am going there) which rendered me speechless, filled me with awe, but also scared the holy living poo out of me. I truly wish I had a cell phone back in 1995, and with the level of camera phone we have now, because…omg…I would have a pretty awesome video to share! LOL. Anyhow, it is no surprise to know then that I have a star gazing tool on my phone. The one I currently use is SkyView Lite. Right now I have the free version, but the paid version is only 1.99. I will most likely purchase the full version here in the near future. I love how you can just point your phone up at the stars, and SkyView will tell you exactly what you are looking at. Here are a few screen shots from my phone using the app.

Do you use a star gazing tool like this? If so, comment below! I would love to check out the one you use.

The Life You Were Born To Live, By Dan Millman 

I have had the older version of this book for decades, and recently “rediscovered” it when I “felt” the need to pick it up again. Upon looking through the older version, I realized that my son’s birth numbers were not included in this book, so I purchased the new version, which has updates for the Gen Z crowd. I have read a lot of astrology, and spirituality books over my lifetime, but this one is probably one of my favorites! It’s “spot on” and helps to bring things to light! Check out the reviews and what other’s have to say about this book for yourself.

Welcome February & January Favorites @www.amystebbins.com

Ciarra’s New Items on Redbubble!….

Ciarra has a few new items up in her Redbubble shop that I love! There are all sorts of items from home décor, to fashion accessories available for purchase with her illustrations on them! I really love the Valentine’s day themed items! Hold My Heart is definitely one of my favorites! I am going to purchase this one in a bullet journal as well as an iPad/iPhone case! So cute! To purchase, and see all of the amazing items she has recently posted up, Click Here!

The Age Of Aquarius (Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine in)….

Ok, I am about to go “full crunchy granola” on all of you right now, but I can’t help it! This song has totally been stuck in my head now for WEEKS, and the funny thing is that I have not listened to it, or even watched a movie with this song in it! (Yes, I am talking about the song from the musical Hair)

Groovy man…LOL! Seriously..I love her voice!

I take this as a “sign or message” that this topic is something that I needed to read up on, or research, and so I did! It took me down an amazing path, which in turn lead me to discover some amazing people and further topics of study. I thought I would share the song with you here if you have not heard it. I also am sharing links to articles explaining just what the Age of Aquarius is. HERE and HERE!

How was your January? What do you expect February will bring for you? Do you have a birthday in February? Comment and share below!

Until Next Post,

Have a beautiful week!


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