From Antique Vanity Into Sacred Space-Furniture Makeover

From Antique Vanity Into Sacred Space-Furniture Makeover

Hello again! Long time no post! 

I know I have not been posting as usual, and that is because I have been in rather deep working on other projects. I have been meaning to get this post up, but it seems like every time I sat down to write it, something else would come up. FINALLY I am able to get it done! YAY!

I wanted to share with you something my husband finished about two weeks ago for me. I absolutely LOVE The way it turned out! He did such an amazing job in stripping and transforming an old vanity we purchased decades ago when we lived in Washington state.

The vanity as my husband began stripping it. You can see the original wood underneath.

We had found this waterfall vanity at an antique/thrift store in the small town in which we lived. At the time we didn’t have much in the way of furniture, and so when we came across this piece at only $45.00, we decided to take it home.

Back then I was so not into dark furniture or colors in my home, so we ended up painting over the wood a cream color. When we moved back to California, the vanity didn’t really fit in our new place, so it ended up sitting in my garage for years. Fast forward to 2019, and now we live in a house that can fit more furniture, however this piece still sat under our house in one of our storage spaces.

Recently, I felt the need to create my own sacred space in our home, and for a while that space was constantly being moved around. Then I remembered we had the vanity in the storage space, so I asked my husband to pull it out and inspect its condition. It was still in excellent condition, but the color was gross, and the movers had broken the mirror, which didn’t make me happy. My husband offered to strip the piece for me so I could have my own designated space in our bedroom. It was perfect! I didn’t need the vanity for makeup, as we already had one built into the bathroom in our bedroom suite.

The original mirror backing. The movers broke the mirror! Bad luck on them!

I wanted the vanity to match the rest of our bedroom furniture, so we decided to stain it black. We also needed to replace the mirror, so we headed to the ReStore to buy a new one. That is where I found this amazing tri-fold mirror in perfect condition for only 9 dollars! He took that apart as well, and stained it the same black color.

We couldn’t find all of the handles to the drawers, which made me sad, as they are actually really cool looking. I ended up ordering some retro waterfall handles to go with the style of the vanity on Amazon.

The bakelite handles we purchased for the vanity

The chair also was purchased in Washington state at the same shop we found the vanity, and back in the day, I had painted it white. On the seat, I had painted a scene of the Washington coastline. I didn’t want to paint over the decade’s old painting, so I decided to cover the cushion in fabric. I had trouble finding a fabric I really loved, Then finally I found this all over mock brocade cotton print. I love the “memento mori, dia de los muertos” vibe of this fabric.

If you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area, I highly recommend them. They get new items in constantly, so make sure to check back on the regular. The one near our house is pretty amazing. We have found some incredible things there.


As you can see this project came out great! My husband did such a beautiful job restoring this piece. It’s nice to have such a multi-talented man in my life!

Have you ever restored a piece of furniture? If so, what was it? Leave a comment and share below! I love to hear what everyone is up to!

Thanks for stopping by, Until next time!


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