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Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since my last post and that is because I’ve been in the full swing of my semester. Now that it is coming to the end of my semester, I wanted to share some of the interesting art things I have done so far this year, beginning with a piece that actually started last year but has continued into my 2017….


Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at


So I first created this piece for a themed submission for one of the art magazines on my campus, Acropolis! The theme for this magazine issue was disorder and chaos, and this was the first image that jumped in my mind to represent these ideas. It was featured in the magazine, and it was such an exciting thing to see at the end of my first full semester!

Fast forward to this beginning of this year—an art contest opportunity came my way and at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to submit anything to it. The theme for this contest was environmental change/global warming, as well as its relation to Virginia. As the deadline approached, I decided to take a risk and submit Sacrifice to the contest. Long and behold, my piece was selected to be on display for the contest!

Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at
Me beside my piece!

Junior Critique

Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at
My works for the critique!

Being a junior studio art major, we have a series of classes that build up to our final senior exhibit, and the first step to this was our junior critique. This is when all of the juniors in studio art present their work and the art faculty then go around and give feedback.

Since I’m a transfer I only really had work from last semester and whatever I had made up to that point for this semester. My critique was pretty good nonetheless, and the most interesting thing was to see my improvement over just a few months of taking my art courses. I even added some of my photography to see what suggestions I could get on those as well!


Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at
One of my monotypes

So this semester I have had a lot of opportunities to learn and create monotypes. For those who are not familiar with this: a monotype is a form of printmaking that came about from woodblock/etching prints. What makes these different from say etching is that instead of craving into a material like wood, copper, or linoleum– you paint directly onto a smooth surface either working additive or reductive. You then press the image you have created, and you can then again print another addition of that same image known as a ghost.

Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at
The reworked ghost print of the one above

It is such a fun process for me and really forces me to see bigger relations of form and composition. My favorite part though is getting such drastic lighting across the forms and that contrast of black and white. As far as the actual technique of creating the image; I would say the easiest and simplest way of describing it is that it’s like finger painting. Since I prefer working in a reductive manner, I am often wiping away the ink with my finger or a rag. I recently switched things up and did the monotype additively, which created a much different image.

Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at
Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at


Some Other things…

In addition to working with monotype, I have also been using charcoal and even acrylic paint!

Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at
Self-portrait in acrylic paint

This self-portrait was actually done outside over two class periods. I’m really not a huge fan of doing my own portrait, but using the acrylic paint helped me to not focus so much on the details and more about the changes of planes. I could have used a few more hours just to bring back some of the form, but overall I would say it’s one of my better self-portraits.

Artwork by Ciarra Stebbins. Learn more at
One of my favorite charcoal pieces on toned paper.

This piece is definitely one of my favorites from this semester! It is so refreshing to draw on toned paper, because again, you can get such a nice feeling of light on form!


So those are just a few of the recent art things I’ve been up to this semester! Going into the summer I will be working on a sketchbook assignment and some research on artists from various fields! It should be very interesting and I’m sure I will have a few blogs up later talking more about this project.

And if you like some of the artwork that I have shared here, please feel free to follow me on Instagram to see more!



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