Red Velvet Lounge Dress

The Red Velvet Lounge Dress

Red Velvet Lounge Dress…. If you read my “November Favorites” post, then you already know a little about the dress I am wearing here. The pattern for this dress is based on a knit dress I bought a few years ago, that I could no longer purchase. I love the unfussy comfort of the fit, […]

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Cherry Dress Sewing Pattern Now Available!

Cherry Dress Sewing Pattern Now Available at

Cherry Dress Sewing Pattern I am excited to announce that I have added a new item to the online shop…The Cherry Dress Pattern. For this pattern there is an optional shoulder strap piece for those who don’t want an off shoulder look. This is a multi sized pattern, designed by me (Amy Stebbins) is for […]

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Making the “Mock Wrap Blouse”-What happens when two different fabrics are used for the same design?

Making the mock wrap blouse. What happens when two different fabrics are used for the same design.

The mock wrap blouse two different fabrics, with two different challenges and outcomes…       I am a fan of wrap garments. It doesn’t matter if it is a blouse, dress, or jumpsuit, its all good to me. So it comes as no surprise that I am adding various designs in the “wrap style” […]

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Autumn Splendor Cocktail Dress

Hello everyone!It has been a while since I last blogged about anything, and in one of my previous posts I had mentioned that I made a dress, but was waiting until there was more color change before I would shoot the photo’s for it.The time has finally arrived. Just as I predicted, on or around […]

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Working on my samples, updates, and my autumn cocktail dress

SAMPLE GARMENTS FOR MY WEBSITE…I have been working on perfecting some sample garments for my website. As you know, the “cherry sprinkles dress” was a “franken-dress” and it was made of two previous projects that I re-fashioned, and there wasn’t a pattern… I just sort of pieced things together as I went along.I am happy […]

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Catching up, The owl, and storefront coming soon!

Good Morning… I have been at work prepping things for production! I know that I will have two lines within my collection. You will learn more about this later once my storefront is open! Yes…FINALLY…soon my store will be open! I want to thank everyone who has asked about my garments, and purchasing them. Soon […]

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6 different looks..3 light…3 dark…My Styling class final reveal….

For my styling class final we had to create 6 looks for an editorial style spread. We not only had to style the clothing on the model, we also had to do hair, makeup, hire a photographer, hire any assistants or hair/makeup people, choose locations, organize equipment etc. For those of you out there who […]

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So here it is finally! The dress I made for Ciarra. We call it the “Cupid Dress” because of the pattern on the fabric, the color, and it is a very romantic style. Originally I was thinking Ciarra would want this dress to be a bit shorter in length, but once it was done, we […]

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