My Favorite Art Supplies

Rainbow Mermaid by Ciarra Stebbins, find more at

Hello Everyone! Today I will be sharing with you some of my favorite art supplies, and examples of the illustrations I created using them! If you have read some of my previous posts then you know that I am currently studying art at my college. I have shared some of my life drawings and my […]

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Artist of the Week! Part 2

Pisces by Stephanie Law

Hello everyone! I’m back again with my artist of the week, part 2! This time I will be sharing one of my favorite watercolor artists, who has been a huge inspiration to me to purse working in the medium myself (although I’m not nearly as good with it yet, lol!). Stephanie Law   Her work […]

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My Mermaid Obsession! Final Part

Mermaid Art! It’s only fitting that I end my mermaid obsession series with one of my favorite passions, art! I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to mermaids with the bulk of those images being art related. So in this final post on the subject, I will be sharing some of those images and the […]

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FRIDAY INSPIRATION…project updates, Christiane Kubrick, and Kindness

HAPPY FRIDAY… I have completed the “Vampy project” for Ciarra. I call it “Vampy” because the color and materials reminded me of a Vampire. I am so in love with the skirt. It is made from a really interesting and pretty fabric, while the top is made of faux leather. The outfit is hard and […]

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Ciarra’s Favorite finds

I would like to introduce Miss Ciarra. She will be contributing regularly to this blog. She will be sharing her “favorite finds” with all of us. Without further adieu…here is Ciarra: Ciarra Hello, my name is Ciarra. I have a wide range of tastes when it comes to fashion and clothes. My interests run the […]

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