Motivation Monday-2019 Workout Challenge! The Workout Plan…

2019 WORKOUT CHALLENGE-Come join us ! More at

2019 Workout Plan…Will you be joining us? We are about to embark on our new workout challenge for 2019! I wanted to post up our workout plan today, so that everyone knows what to do each day of the week. This plan incorporates strength training, cardio vascular work, and flexibility training. I wanted this workout […]

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Motivation Monday- Health & Wellness, Fitness, and Food!

Motivation Monday-Health, Wellness, Fitness and Food!

Motivation Monday-Get ready!   We are coming to the end of 2018, and I have to say, I am ready to move on! I have many goals set, and a plan of action for 2019, one of which is “Motivation Monday.” Every Monday I plan on posting all about health & wellness, my current fitness […]

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The countdown has started,Christmas happenings,blog awards and more…

I am in the final week of of this semester starting now. I can not wait to turn my final in, and just be able to say “YES! I MADE IT THOUGH YET ANOTHER SEMESTER!!!!”It is SO NOT EASY going to school for myself, homeschooling my kids, working on my fitness, sewing/designing, writing blog posts, […]

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Happy Wednesday….time to get motivated!

It’s officially the middle of the week. Just a few more days to get through until the weekend.I have a ton of school stuff to get done today, and I should be putting the finishing touches on my clutch purse this afternoon.Today I posted my black peplum sweater on the Sew Much Ado blog, link […]

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