Gossamery Mermaid Jewelry Collection-Now available in the online shop

The Gossamery Mermaid Collection now available at www.amystebbins.com

Gossamery Mermaid Jewelry Collection-Now available in the online shop Our new “Gossamery Mermaid” Jewelry Collection is now available in our online shop. As of right now we have several bracelets made of healing stones, and natural elements, a very unique hemp, turquoise, leather, and crystal choker necklace, some beautiful filigree earrings, and several other items on […]

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The Undine Dress

The Undine Dress Available in multiple colors and sizes at www.amystebbins.com

un·dine ˈəndēn/ noun  1. a female spirit or nymph inhabiting water.             The Undine Dress! New item! multiple color choices…. The Undine Dress, is the first release from the “Gossamery Mermaid”Collection. We really love how this dress drapes, flows, and floats around the body. The moment you slip this dress […]

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The “Sunny Sunflower” Maxi Dress-the first of the “Gossamery Gardens” collection

The "Sunny Sunflower" Maxi Dress from the "Gossamery Gardens Collection" available at www.amystebbins.com

The “Sunny Sunflower” Maxi Dress available after March 15th If you follow the Amy_Stebbins_Couture, or Gossamery_Dreams on Instagram, then you have already seen the “Sunny Sunflower Dress.” This is the first in a series of garments for the “Gossamery Gardens” collection. All items in this collection will be related to flowers, and various plant life, […]

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Making the “Mock Wrap Blouse”-What happens when two different fabrics are used for the same design?

Making the mock wrap blouse. What happens when two different fabrics are used for the same design. @www.amystebbins.com

The mock wrap blouse two different fabrics, with two different challenges and outcomes…       I am a fan of wrap garments. It doesn’t matter if it is a blouse, dress, or jumpsuit, its all good to me. So it comes as no surprise that I am adding various designs in the “wrap style” […]

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Online boutique is now live @www.amystebbins.com

Online Boutique is finally here! The wait is finally over! A fitting way to begin a new season! The online boutique is now finally live. For those of you planning on ordering a dress, make sure to review the sizing in the description carefully! Also make sure to read our return policy. Thank you so […]

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Downloadable Sewing Patterns

downloadable sewing patterns coming soon @www.amystebbins.com

  Downloadable Sewing Patterns… Hello everyone, It has been a hot minute since I last posted to this blog, and I wanted to finally share with you one of the projects I have been working on…downloadable sewing patterns! For a very long time now I have been debating whether or not I was actually going […]

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Pop up boutique and cherry dress info at www.amystebbins.com

Pop-up Boutique Updates… For all those out there who have been waiting for the pop-up boutique to go live, I thank you for your patience. Your wait is almost over! For those new to reading this blog, you should probably know that I design and sew everything myself, and it takes time to do so. Your support […]

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