Gossamery Mermaid Jewelry Collection-Now available in the online shop

The Gossamery Mermaid Collection now available at www.amystebbins.com

Gossamery Mermaid Jewelry Collection-Now available in the online shop Our new “Gossamery Mermaid” Jewelry Collection is now available in our online shop. As of right now we have several bracelets made of healing stones, and natural elements, a very unique hemp, turquoise, leather, and crystal choker necklace, some beautiful filigree earrings, and several other items on […]

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Information on the summer 2018 release of the “off shoulder” dress (AKA-Cherry Dress) Plus updates on new items!!

How and When you can order this dress! Find out now @www.amystebbins.com

How and When You can order this dress…. I have been receiving questions about when, and if I will be releasing the “Cherry dress” again for the summer season. I want to now share with you all the information about this dress design, and how I will be handling the production of it this year. […]

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The “Sunny Sunflower” Maxi Dress-the first of the “Gossamery Gardens” collection

The "Sunny Sunflower" Maxi Dress from the "Gossamery Gardens Collection" available at www.amystebbins.com

The “Sunny Sunflower” Maxi Dress available after March 15th If you follow the Amy_Stebbins_Couture, or Gossamery_Dreams on Instagram, then you have already seen the “Sunny Sunflower Dress.” This is the first in a series of garments for the “Gossamery Gardens” collection. All items in this collection will be related to flowers, and various plant life, […]

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